• Jan 17, 2020

this dog appeared Seven years ago at my place. There was it absolutely accidentally: the former hostess wanted to lull her as the dog was not necessary to it. And directly on the street when the woman about it mentioned, I took from it a lead and told: "Time the dog is not necessary to you, let me take her to myself".

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I got not a gift: the dog at the former hostess only on a strict collar walked, pomoynichat, had a heap of associated diseases and was terribly not well-groomed. When I for the first time took Alma's lead, she began to pull me, tearing off hands. And the first that I made, of course, was absolutely wrong in terms of cynology. I lowered it from a lead and told:

— Hare if you want to live with me, let's live by my rules. You will leave – means, leave. If you remain, then remain with me forever.

There was a feeling that the dog understood me. And from this day to lose Alma it was unreal even if you will want: not I watched it, and it me.

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We had a long period of treatment and restoration. A huge number of money was enclosed in it, on walk I supported her by a scarf because it could not go.

At some point of our joint life I understood, kind of it sounded that in the person of Alma my first Labrador returned to me.

To Alma I had other labradorsha which we took away from the village – from a similar life situation, with the same diseases. And once Alma began to do what would be done by that dog. So I believe in reincarnation.

I also have a sleek-haired fox terrier, my Crazy Empress whom I madly love. But more ideal pet, than Alma, it is difficult to present. Weighing more than 30 kg she was absolutely imperceptible in a bed. And when I gave birth to the child, it proved from the best sides and became my assistant and the partner in education of a human cub. For example, when we brought the newborn daughter home and put on a bed, Alma was shocked: she pushed the daughter deep into of a bed and looked mad eyes: "You that, went crazy – at you the child will fall now!"

We together passed much. We worked at the airport, however, it became clear later that it is heavy to Alma to be a search dog so she just kept me the company. Then, when we cooperated with the portal, Alma visited children with special needs and helped them to see light aspects of life.

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Alma it was vital constantly to be with me. The most ingenious in this dog was what is unimportant in what place and in what time she was, but if her Person, so it is near at home. Where we only visited! Rode public transport in any point of the city, and the dog felt absolutely quietly.

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Approximately a month ago my daughter woke up and told:

— The dream dreamed me that Alma will leave for a rainbow.

At that moment, of course, it did not tell me about anything: well, dreamed and dreamed. And exactly in a week Alma got sick, and was seriously ill. We treated her, put droppers, violently fed … I pulled to the last, but for some reason from the first day knew that everything is useless. Probably, my attempts to treat her were something like self-complacency. The dog just left, and did it, as well as all in the life, very adequately. And for the fourth time it was not succeeded to save it.

On Friday Alma did not become, and on Saturday the husband went to walk and not one returned. On hands at him the kitten whom the husband got from the elevator shaft sat. It is clear, nobody we gave this kid. It was the lump with the current eyes and a huge number of fleas. The quarantine from "stayed" at neighbors to whom I am very grateful – there lives an elderly cat at our place and to bring a kitten at once to the house would be equivalent to murder of our cat.

Of course, the kitten distracted me from loss: him constantly it was necessary to treat and look after. The name was thought up by the daughter: she told that a new kitty will call Becky. Now Becky lives at us.

But I do not say goodbye to Alma. I believe in resettlement of souls. There will pass time, and we will meet again.

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