• Aug 20, 2019

Cats, undoubtedly, big prankishes, and it is practically possible to expect from them anything. The pool on a floor, podranny wall-paper and furniture, the turned vase – all this often happens business of cat's paws. But sometimes we abuse our fluffy friends unfairly and then we regret for it.

"I did not take your sausage!" As we unfairly offended a cat and now we beg at him for forgiveness

Once we waited for dear visitors – to us with a goodwill visit my chief with the spouse was going to welcome. Certainly, prepared carefully, with all responsibility. My wife, besides other delicacies, did not regret money and bought a stick of very expensive raw smoked sausage, rare triangular shape – that a tax on a beautiful dish as cutting. Such never tried!

We did not begin to remove "gold" sausage in the refrigerator, and put on a table – to cut all the same soon. Then sent a Peking Duck to an oven and switched from cooking to cleaning: I brushed thoroughly a toilet bowl and sinks to gloss, and the wife brought order to the living room. Both were on nerves – kind of all to be in time to arrival of guests!

What there was our bewilderment (moreover – shock!) when, having coped with cleaning, we returned on kitchen and … did not find on a table of sausage! But the cat sat next, looking at us happy, impudent eyes and licking lips. Well – here and detectives it is not necessary to be, the thief is caught on the crime scene!

We with the wife exchanged glances and, having gathered more air in lungs, chorus cried at a cat: "Ah you, bastard!" Further each of us emotionally stated everything that we think of his behavior … A tomcat even did not press ears!

Being indignant from such impudence, I seized the moustached villain by the scruff and incurred it on a balcony. Now the cat got a fright: he loudly mewed and desperately tried to escape. But I was unshakable: it is necessary to be responsible for the acts: "You will sit so far here, not hungry!", – with these words I threw "criminal" on a balcony and locked a door on a latch.

The mood was hopelessly spoiled. However there is nothing to do – we pulled out a ready duck from an oven and began to plane salads, mentally mourning our sausage. And, above all – the money spent for it. At the same time from a balcony plaintive miaow of the punished cat … reached

When the dinner was almost ready, from the street the out of breath son came running – he with children drove a ball in the yard. At the sight of the dishes exposed on a table at the son eyes widely swung open: "Now that's something like it! So at once! And your sausage we could not even chew that!" The pause hung in mid-air. I transferred a view from the child of the wife. That stood several seconds, something thinking, and then fell by a chair and laughed.

It became clear that, being the cleaning which is completely absorbed by process, the wife on the automatic machine allowed the son to take sausage – say, they with friends got hungry, playing soccer, want to be supported. And itself forgot about it! Well as it is so possible to twirl?!

We, of course, did not begin to abuse the child – are guilty. Especially, as the little son told us, sausage turned out so firm that children – after unsuccessful attempts to take a bite of a delicacy stick – decided to give it to a domestic Ball. The dog also gnawed it "expensive pleasure" now as a stone.

Having laughed at a situation, we remembered about a cat. I was right there thrown to a balcony – to release innocently condemned creation. The cat did not mew any more … He sat, having ruffled up. "Ks-ks-ks, my good", – the fawning tone called I. But the cat essentially refused to leave – too strongly took offense. Having somehow pulled out a cat (and even without having peeped from the fact that he scratched me), I began to iron a poor animal and to apologize. The wife filled its favourite forage in a bowl, but also it did not help: the offended cat went to us on hunger strike.

The dinner, as a result, passed remarkably: the chief was satisfied with our hospitality. However instead of joy at me at heart now cats scrape. More true – a cat. He still pouts at us: goes on the apartment dejected and eats a little. Though, fortunately, began to thaw gradually – allowed to scratch behind an ear. We hope that finally will forgive us soon!

A conclusion from this of an amusing, at first sight, case I can make only one: nobody can be punished in a temper, plainly without having understood. The presumption of innocence exists for all – both for people, and for dumb animals.

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