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the Announcement of a dog was read by mother

We got a dog with difficult destiny. I personally am not familiar with the first owners of Michael. I know only that once presented to them a puppy. Whether people had no time and desire to be engaged in education of a dog, whether it were absolutely inexperienced dog lovers, but once on the Internet, on one of portals of personals the following appeared: "We give a puppy of a zwergpinscher. Take away somebody, otherwise we will lull him".

The announcement got on eyes to my mother (and she very much loves dogs), and Mike appeared in our family.

the Doggie who was at that time 7-8 months old looked very scared, was afraid of sharp movements. It was visible that he was beaten. There was still a set of behavioural problems.

of Observation of the owner : Zwergpinschers by the nature cannot do without person. These are devoted, gentle dogs who require a lot of attention.

Michael has an addiction which we cannot still eradicate. When the dog remains to Home Alone, he pulls together all master's things which come across to it, in one heap, keeps within on them and sleeps. Considers, probably, that thus it becomes closer to the owner. If it turns out, then extends things from a case, gets from the washing machine … Happens, even in the car when there is for a while one, on driver's sitting puts everything — up to lighters and handles, lays down and waits for me.

Here such feature at our boy. But we already do not even fight against this its habit. Thus it is easier for dog to transfer loneliness. At the same time he does not spoil a thing, and just sleeps on them. We perceive him such what it is.

Long way home

Having appeared in the house at parents, Michael learned what is love and caress. Felt sorry for him and indulged. But the problem remained the same: a dog it was necessary to leave one for a long time. And I work at home. And me mother before work brought every morning a doggie that did not miss. Took away in the evening. As the child is driven in kindergarten, and to me "threw" Michael.

So proceeded about a month. At last all understood: it will be better if Michael lodges at us. Besides, in family where three children, practically always someone is at home. And one dog will remain extremely seldom. And I already thought by then of getting a dog. And here Maykusha – such cool, kind, playful, cheerful canine friend appears!

Now the dog is three years old, more than two years Michael lives with us. During this time the set of its behavioural problems was succeeded to solve.

did not address the help of cynologists, I worked with it. I have an experience of communication with dogs. Since the childhood in the house there were French and English bulldogs. With one dog, being a teenager, attended training courses. The gained knowledge is enough for education of a playful pinscher so far.

Especially as Michael very clever and bright dog. He implicitly obeys me. We walk on the street with him without lead, resorts "on a whistle".

the Zwergpinscher – the excellent partner

We with family lead active lifestyle. We run in the summer, we ride bicycles or rollers, Michael – always nearby. We ski in the winter. For a doggie important that all family members were on the place. Runs, checks that nobody lagged behind and was not lost.

Ya, happens, I leave forward slightly quicker, and the wife and children go behind. The dog allows to lag behind to nobody. Runs across from one to another, barks, adjusts. And forces to stop and wait for me until all gather.

Michael is dog owner

As I already spoke, Michael is my dog. He considers the owner me. Is jealous of all. If the wife, let us assume, sits down or lays down nearby, he begins to suffer quietly: howls and quietly rubs the nose of her, removes from me. In the same way behaves also with children. But at the same time he does not afford any aggression: does not snap, does not bite. In total peacefully, but he observes a distance always.

But on the street such manifestations of a sobstvennichestvo cause sometimes problems. The dog active, with pleasure runs, plays with other dogs. But if someone from four-footed brotherhood suddenly decides to approach me, then Mike aggressively drives away "impudent fellow". According to him, foreign dogs cannot approach me categorically. He growls, rushes, can enter a fight.

I walk with Michael usually. Both in the morning, and in the evening. Very seldom, when I leave somewhere, someone from children walks with a dog. We treat walks seriously. They at us long and active.

Happens, I should go on work for one or two days to other city. The dog rather quietly feels in the bosom of the family. But always very much waits for my return.

Michael took offense when he was not taken with themselves in a holiday

Usually if Michael remains at several o'clock of the house, then on return you are met by just unimaginable fountain of happiness and joy.

of Observation of the owner : A zwergpinscher – a little mobile dog. For joy jumps very high. The most great happiness – a meeting with the owner.

Very much likes to embrace. It is not clear how he learned it, but he embraces really as the person. Clasps with two paws a neck and only iron and feel sorry for him. Can infinitely embrace.

Once two weeks were on vacation, left Michael with the grandfather, my father. Returned – the dog did not even approach us, so took offense that left, did not take with themselves.

But when remains with the grandmother, then everything is all right. He adores it. Probably, remembers that she saved him, took away from family where to him it was bad. The grandmother for it – love, light in a window.

training Miracles

Michael executes all main commands. Knows where the right and left paws. Recently learned to demand food and water. If wants to eat, approaches a bowl and "dzinkat" on it a paw as a call on a reception in hotel. If there is no water, in the same way demands also it.

Features of food of a zwergpinscher

A diet at Michael following: in the morning he eats a dry feed, and in the evening — porridge with boiled meat.

Specially I do not transfer a dog only to a forage. The stomach has to perceive and process usual food. Cases when animals pick up some food on the street from the earth are frequent. For want of habit to a dog it can become bad. And so high probabilities that the organism will cope.

Surely we allow to gnaw bones both usual (only not chicken), and pogryzushka. It is necessary both for teeth, and for digestion. It is so arranged with the nature, it is worth to remember about it.

As well as many dogs, at Michael have an allergy to chicken. Therefore it is not in a diet in no shape or form.

As zwergpinschers get on with other animals?

Houses at us live two more parrots. Relations with a dog quiet. Michael does not hunt them. Though, happens, will scare when those fly. But attempts to catch never were.

of Observation of the owner: From hunting instincts there was only the fact that Michael picks up a trail. During walk at it always a nose in the earth. Can follow in the tracks infinitely. But never brought any production.

We walk with it practically all the time without lead. On walk remarkably gets on with other dogs. Michael not an aggressive dog. If feels that the meeting with the relative can end not in the best way, it is just developed and leaves.

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At mother of the house there live cats. The relations at Michael with having a tail friendly, very equal and quiet. When he was taken away, cats already were. He is well familiar with them. Can run about one after another, but nobody offends anybody.

What problems with health are characteristic to zwergpinschers

Michael lives at us slightly more than two years. So far the serious problems connected with health did not arise. Naturally, it is necessary to watch food. After the dog "stayed for a while" with the grandmother once, there were problems with digestion. Went to clinic, dug through it, later sustained a long diet. And everything was restored.

of Observation of the owner: A zwergpinscher — the strong dog healthy. Without any problem. Of course, it is necessary to watch over health of the pet. We pay bigger attention to walks, trainings.

What owner will suit a zwergpinscher

Zwergpinschers need the movement. These are dogs very active. We were lucky: we found each other. We have an active family, we love long walks in the country. Always we take with ourselves Michael. In the summer when we ride bikes, he can run also 20-25 km.

Unambiguously such breed will not suit the phlegmatic person. He will not keep up with him.

And it would be desirable that all tails found the owners that to both people, and animals it was good and comfortable to be next to each other.

All photos — from personal archive of Pavel Kamyshov.

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