• Jan 21, 2020

To Nastya in a window leaf the parrot flew. To stay for a while. As crossed border of birds illegally, about its existence in the apartment nobody suspected some time. Opening came suddenly and a little traumatic when Nastya, without suspecting a dirty trick, came on kitchen. And it on the head without declaration of war Something dived.

— … your mother! – loudly and very distinctly Nastya told. That is she said a phrase entirely, and do not say to me that you, having appeared in such situation, would not share its feeling. Yes, the gentleman always calls a cat a cat, even when in the dark stepped on her, but Nastya the gentleman was not in any way.
So lodged in the house a parrot. He lived in kitchen, freely on it moved and mainly spoiled, and did nothing any more. Nastya tried to teach him to talk, but birds was silent as the guerrilla on interrogation in Gestapo, and so provocatively looked at her eyes beads.
Nastya, being a girl decent, looked for lawful owners and at last, to the indescribable simplification, found. Ptitsevladelitsey there was an old woman – a God's dandelion for which impudent feathery was meaning of life, light in a window and in general almost only factor which is brightening up existence burdens. Nastya with relief dragged the pet in a home.
the Grandmother who already lost hope ever to see the lost treasure, right there derived it from a cellular imprisonment, lamenting "Keshenk, Keshenk!", and Keshenka began to run at it on a hand not less joyfully, and suddenly very loudly and distinctly said:
— … your mother!
— That? – it is dumbfounded the grandmother probably in hope that all this relative deafness, but not harsh reality asked again.
— … your mother! – enthusiastically the birdie repeated, continuing a running on a sleeve.
— Keshenka! – hardly the turning pale old woman uttered. – Who taught you to it???
Nastya who, on the contrary, got a crimson shade of skin hurried to say goodbye and retire.
— Here the rascal! – she was indignant then. – Two weeks was silent though I taught it to speak normally, and costed one, only once to hear a curse – and please! And what will think of us now?

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