• Jan 28, 2020

Last fall in social networks the message about a dog from the city of Dniprodzerzhynsk appeared. Not indifferent person told about very thin dog who sits in one place and does not leave anywhere: "The dog lies on pipes 2 day. Please help , I have no opportunity to take away it to themselves. In the photo edges are visible, the dog did not eat long ago, I fed her, but every day I will not be able to do it, help who to сможет..”
, a dog, a homeless animal, a shelter
In several days local volunteers took away the poor fellow and brought to a shelter. The animal behaved very quietly and did not show any aggression.

 a dog, a dog, the pet, a homeless animal by

of the Pet called Richie. In its shelter began to fatten and look for for it new owners. But soon search of the house for an animal had to be stopped!

The dog began to behave rather strange: he refused food and did not want to contact to other dogs … But if the person approached him – he just was born on light!

 the pet, a dog, a dog, a shelter, a homeless animal
in January very disturbing incident occurred. Richie quarreled with other dog and attacked it.  a dog, the pet, a dog, the street, a homeless animal, a shelter
to Volunteers had to isolate the problem ward and to lodge him on the backyard of a shelter all alone. Richie is a metis of hunting breed therefore in such conditions he felt very uncomfortablly … , a shelter, a homeless animal, a dog
Soon the condition of a dog sharply worsened, and it was carried to clinic. Volunteers were once again convinced that Richie is much simpler to find a common language with people, than with the relatives! On survey he behaved as the approximate pet and allowed doctors to take necessary analyses.  the pet, a dog, a homeless animal, a shelter found

an infection which provoked inflammatory processes in different bodies of the poor creature In blood of a dog. Fight against it was not simple, but Richie quickly enough recovered.

Chose a special diet for a dog, he needed to gain weight (the pet weighed only 13 kilograms – instead of normal to 20).

 the pet, a dog, a homeless animal, a shelter Richie's

returned to a shelter where again it appeared all alone. As he did not want to come back!

"The sun, RIChI, I was so glad to attention!! Though to it, in clinic … Perfectly goes in the car, clever, wagged a tail, BUT his mood sharply changed as soon as approached to Dolmatov (a shelter – an editor's note ), from the car we hardly landed it, lowered a head, very much was upset …"

 shelter, pet, dog, homeless animal

But ahead the poor fellow was waited by the real surprise.)

In February life of this suffered much dog sharply changed to the best. The family from Kryvyi Rih took away it home!

 a dog, a dog, a homeless animal, a shelter ended with

of Wandering of Richie, now he became a pet. At first the dog had some problems with behavior, but owners are engaged in his education – and it yields excellent results.

Richie even found a common language with a cat and does not offend her.

, a dog, a homeless animal, the pet
At last this sociable dog found the happiness!)
 pet, dog, shelter, homeless animal
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