• Jan 28, 2020

This poor creature is called Frisbee. The cat was found in a deplorable state …

It was covered with a thick layer of dirt because of what the hair got off shreds. The cat himself also reminded a huge ball of the confused wool!

 a cat, a cat, a pet, homeless animals, nursery
to Volunteers had to run about properly to catch Frisbee. Then the koteyka was brought to a shelter. Here also it became clear

by img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2018-03/1519900301_2.jpg that a cat – very friendly small.

After volunteers washed up, combed and fed the ward, he leaned against people and zamurchat enough. These procedures took about an hour, and the Frisbee already became happy and ready to new life.

It appears, only an hour of attention was necessary to a cat for happiness! Changes – both external, and internal – it seemed, surprised, even the cat.

 a cat, a cat, the pet, a shelter, volunteers for
Further – only one day was necessary that the cat turned from a homeless animal into the full pet with a round tummy. , a cat, the pet, a pet, a shelter, volunteers
Volunteers at once fell in love with Murlyka for his tender character and a nice red muzzle. Employees of a shelter took care of finding the best house for the pet. And they found it!  a cat, a cat, the pet, a homeless animal, a shelter, volunteers
Now the Frisbee smartly looks and lives in clover!  a cat, a cat, a shelter, a homeless animal, volunteers to
Here would would be lucky all cats as well as our lovely hero!))
 cat, cat, pet, homeless animal, shelter, volunteers

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