• Jan 24, 2020
the Family which became the witness of the events will never forget

about what was seen …

People went from Ohio on highway No. 80, lovely talking with each other. They saw that the car ahead goes, but did not pay any attention to it — that here special?

But soon the window of the car opened, and from there threw out … a kitten! That was absolutely tiny and people did not know whether the kid survived.

They stopped the car and were engaged in search of a kitten. Soon people saw also the patrolman — Greg Golts.

, the kitten, is required the help, police

When the kid hit against concrete, on his head some of very deep grazes were formed.

Having considered the poor fellow is closer, people understood that before them the girl. And she plaintively mewed as if begging to help it …

Then Golts decided to bring it to the veterinarian. He conferred with family which became witnesses of the event to think up to the baby a nickname. She was decided to be called the Acrobat.

While the koteyka went by the car with the patrolman, it continually nestled on his shoulder — probably, it calmed her.

 a cat, a cat, a pet, the police officer
Golts brought Murlyka to a shelter on survey to the doctor. The baby was strongly frightened therefore volunteers had to spend with her much time that a koteyka it is sensitive calmed down.
, the cat, the pet, a pet, is required попомщь

threw out the Poor thing from the car in full operation — it could not but be reflected in its mentality!

But now the Acrobat feels far better. The baby quickly recovers, and grazes on her head heal.

 the cat, a cat, a pet, is required the help
Soon the history Murlyki became popular, and many people wanted to present it the house.
 cat, cat, police Source

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