• Aug 29, 2019

Johnny Depp is the famous fan of animals. And sometimes it costs much to him enough. For example, a few years ago he became the hero of scandal, having illegally brought two dogs to Australia. Australians think very much of a question of import of animals therefore before the actor put the ultimatum: or dogs go to California, or lull them. Dogs, of course, survived, but their urgent sending to the USA ran into money.

On the ranch of the actor there lives the great number of various animals. And there he brought a horse who acted in the movie "Sleepy Hollow".

 Johnny Depp and horse movie Sleepy Hollow of a photo

Photo: wideopenpets.com

In general, during shootings of this movie Johnny Depp had not to miss. Голденай, the one-eyed horse of the Andalusian breed playing the Gunpowder role – a horse of the main character, brought every day to film crew surprises – not to tell that pleasant. The horse was the owner of difficult character and constantly made attempts to bite someone from participants of shootings or to dump the rider.

It was not without falling, and it very much disturbed authors of the movie who were afraid that the actor will be traumatized and by that will threaten film-making process. Even Johnny Depp managed to saddle far not at once.

 Johnny Depp saved a horse from the movie the Sleepy Hollow of a photo

Photo: wideopenpets.com

However the actor did not feel hostility to the long-maned partner in shootings. And when after completion of work on the movie of a horse decided to send to a slaughter, Johnny Depp redeemed it and lodged on the ranch.

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