• Jan 24, 2020

Life to Korsey was saved by the realtor. Before execution of death sentence there were hours …

It is so difficult to keep sometimes calm, having learned about the next treachery. Our mission – describing stories of animals, to help them to find new families, careful mothers and fathers, without understanding the reasons of acts of their former owners.

 dog, brown dog. стафф

photo: helpdog.ru

One business when canine friends are given, sell, give, leave at doors of shelters or "forget" in the populous place. Such actions can be understood still somehow and even to forgive.

But when "owners" decide to get rid of the former favourite, having killed him … It cannot be accepted neither heart, nor reason.

volunteers of the Sheremetyevsky shelter reacted To the realtor's call from the Vladimir region instantly. The delay in this case could not be. The former owners of the sold house threatened to shoot down the dog.

 pet, стафф, dog, combative breed

photo: helpdog.ru

Is surprising, but absolutely the stranger, the realtor who was engaged in sale of the house, could not remain indifferent to the fate of an animal. And at owners and the hand would not tremble …

A the reason of such decision is banal: the dog was not wanted to be transported to new smart housing. It is visible, did not approach an interior.

Can be imagined only with what feelings his saviors "flew" to the aid of a fateful dog. But everything developed: and the car was found in time and the distance in more than 200 km was overcome without incident.

managed to save the Dog! Now стафф whom volunteers named Korsey is in the Moscow shelter.

 Staffordshire terrier, dog, dog, combative breed

photo: helpdog.ru

Is the wonderful 4-year-old boy, incredibly clever handsome. And it has ahead the whole life.

Wants that before New year there was one more miracle and Korsey got to the warm cozy house, found the most real loving and careful parents.

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