• Jan 24, 2020

History of the brave kid Max's dachshund cuts to the quick.

Even it is not trusted that after such shocks the dog could not only survive, but also keep trust to people.

Looking in eyes to this clever patient doggie, one by one arise questions in the head. For what? What for? Who could make it? And as the one who calls himself the person and in own family behaves … What fate expects it children …

How it will be died at him? Unpunished such acts all the same will not remain. Will respond-will halloo surely. And even, it is possible when itself does not know and understand – for WHAT it with me?

photo: seld13/insagram

A Max gradually is on the mend. Performed on the kid operation, nekrozny fabrics removed from burns. Gradually scars from cuts drag on. But hems from them forever will remain both on skin, and in heart of the kid.

Taksik is surrounded with the round-the-clock care and leaving. The main thing, it is loved. And very much want that he recovered somewhat quicker. Max tries and keeps the good fellow as the real man.

photo: seld13/insagram

The doggie did not lose faith in the person. It very kind and tender. Its spontaneity, kindness and cheerfulness help with recovery. And also care and love of people which are with it nearby. And unindifference of many who even mentally are with it.

We believe that at Max everything will be good. We will surely hear its loud happy bark!


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