• Aug 29, 2019
Are married

with the wife half a year, we live three together with my cat – Vaskoy, he is six years old. How many with it lived, never thought that the cat can substitute so. My wife is Ania, for three days went to the parents while she was on vacation. Well and I, in view of that decided to organize to myself a small celebration under tanchik and beer together with favourite series. Wanted to look at several seasons at once.

As the Thievish Cat Vasily Nearly Parted Me with the Wife

Two days passed quickly. Even there was no wish for anybody home from men to call. To the third – I come from work, wanted to go into a holiday on the occasion of return of darling and I find my Anka in a hysterics. I, naturally, not at all that happened, stand as the fool with wine and candies on a threshold. I begin to ask, and it about the mistress tortures me. Was surprised even more. On my bewilderment the wife stretched me lacy shorts which she found under a sofa, with menacing: "I do not carry it".

Anka did not react to my justifications and arguments and went to pack things and what else to wait from the upset woman for, especially "facts" it is available, as they say. While I by hook or by crook persuaded the wife to stay at home and to discuss everything, somehow about a cat forgot. To reconcile and to talk normally that evening at us it did not turn out. Instead of a cozy matrimonial bed, I was waited by a sofa and Vaska. Well what to do, it was necessary as in good old to share a sofa with a cat. All night long I thought how foreign lacy cowards could get to us to the apartment if I brought nobody there, and gave keys to nobody from friends and at all, there was all the time of the house. It was tormented, but so remembered nothing, the dream was not as sober as a judge. Rose to drink coffee, damning everything on light, but not to admit that treason which was not. Decided to descend, buy in shop to the wife favourite flowers, hoped – will thaw, and I will try to talk once again. Did not help.

In the morning my Ania for a divorce went to file, and in the yard – the neighbor from the second entrance sits. She approached, was embarrassed, everything reddened, but after all told that our Vaska stole her shorts from a balcony couple of days ago, she dried them. Well also asked the wife to find, and was ashamed to tell me, I am a man. Would tell better, upon my life! The wife came back home, gave to the neighbor the gone shorts, apologized. The neighbor came with a cake and an entertainment for a cat in the evening, for a long time apologized.

Still we live three together – I, Anka and an impudent muzzle – Vaska. Now we remember story with laughter, but the neighbor does not dry more linen on a balcony – out of harm's way.

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