• Jan 21, 2020

" My name is Rybachonok Melanija Aleksandrovna. I am 10 years old. I want to tell you about my pets.

of my cat Kuzya, his breed the Sphinx call. It very much is pleasant to me in spite of the fact that I. Such impudent cat saw anywhere yet it is live and jumping as if a ball, a young cat. Quite recently he still was a kitten. Кузя all the time demands to eat how many he would not feed! Without any remorse he loudly mews in kitchen, gets under feet, climbs on a table. If mother feeds him not at once, this impudent person bites her for legs! And at the same time the cat looks quite well-fed.
of my father a cat is rather afraid. When the father in kitchen, Kuzya does not climb on a table, and puts forepaws there and sniffs at plates.
But without greyish cat would be boring! It is pleasant to me when I sit on a sofa, and the full at last cat jumps to me on knees. By the way, Kuzya does it without invitation. On a lap he begins to prepare for himself the town for rest. The cat is funny trampled down by soft pads, tickles, makes up. And then zamurlykat loudly as though the tractor rumbles! My favourite cat can forgive all for this caress!

And the dog is called Bonifatsy. Its breed of the Chihuahua. It very tender and kind. To me it was presented by parents. In the morning and in the evening we with it go for a walk and after we come home, we play. Sometimes when I go to school to me sometimes it seems that Bonifatsy very much misses me. Every morning he sees off me in school in the place with mother, it has very sad look. At these moments it is especially heavy to me to forget it. But when I come home it with pleasure and meets me by bark. Rushes about, jumps around me, waits so far I will change clothes and I will begin to play with it. I very much love the pets.

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