• Jan 24, 2020

Once the family moved from Kazakhstan to Russia. The way is remote, but everything was complicated by existence of animals — a dog and a cat. And the cat at that time was 20 years old that imposed the restrictions.

Long considered different options and decided not to risk with air flight, and to go by train though the way and took three days. Option to leave pets it was not considered, they are full members of family too.
was necessary to redeem In the beginning all minibus to pass 400 kilometers from Kazakhstan to Omsk, there — spending the night in hotel (of course, with animals), and then three days by train to Rostov-on-Don, having redeemed a compartment entirely.
Photo: instagram.com/lis_help_animals
the Dog, of course, worried, but behaved adequately, and here the elderly cat felt most comfortably.
Ended everything safely, all settled on the new place and now are happy.
you Should not be afraid of the difficulties connected with animals. If you really love them, everything is surmountable!

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