• Jan 28, 2020

in the Winter of this year the request for overexposure of a dalmatian of Nicki arrived. He is seven years old, from three-months age worked in circus, but later, about half a year back, there was a stroke, and on it his "career" ended. The dog hardly moved, but the chance of recovery nevertheless was.

of Nicki extreme on the right

Responded to a request for overexposure and fell of Nicki into kind hands. He had to get used to a house situation, to thrice walking, but the dog was not silly therefore quickly enough it could be accustomed. He is very tender dog, well makes contact with people, is friendly with other animals.

But it was only the temporary stop before a long travel to Germany.

On arrival to other country, it got into family where already there lived four dalmatians who together with the hostess surrounded Nicki with love and care. But the purpose of a visit was to get to the doctor who after survey will define the future of the pet.

Visit of the doctor yielded the following result. As it turned out, at Nicki any not a stroke, but a stenosis of a cervical backbone. The compression syndrome is the reason of development of such diagnosis: spinal fracture with compression of vertebras. Whether because of the hard work which is carried out by a dog whether because of imprudence of other animals, but such acquired disease happened because of the strongest blow which caused injury of vertebras.

To February 28 by Nicki appointed a computer tomography by results of which the doctor will be able to tell whether surgical intervention is necessary, or it is possible to solve problems by non-invasive methods. Meanwhile life of a dog is facilitated by means of anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medicines. P.S. As the hostess Nicki reported, by results of inspection 4 hernias nuclei pulposi as result of excessive physical activities and the wrong maintenance are revealed. Now operation is impossible because of danger not to transfer an anesthesia. Nicki's owners decided still to do some fighting and try to extend a dog. Nicki waits for a course of drug treatment, and further … We watch its destiny and we hope for a miracle!

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