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In 1731 the sultan of Morocco presented to the French king Louis XV of 8 horses among whom there was one of his best Arab stallions – dark bay with white marks on hind legs Sham.

 Godolfin Arabian (Sham)
On a photo: To Russian cabbage soup (Godolfin Arabian)

However in France graceful east horses were not estimated and sent to a wagon train. The Arabs accompanying them returned home, only the mute 30-year Agba which grew up Sham did not abandon the pupil. He lived on alms, undertook any work if only not to leave a stallion. The Agba sincerely believed that a white spot on a hind leg of Sham still will bring them good luck.

Unrestrained hot Sham got to a razvozchik of firewood and dragged heavy vehicles. For obstinacy of a stallion held half-starving and for weeks did not unharness. The Agba did everything possible to facilitate the favourite's life. Then one more companion – a cat of a razvozchik joined their small company.

The owner laughed, watching an unseparable Trinity. Also told about unusual friendship to the goodhearted Englishman who suggested to redeem Shama and brought him to the estate Berri Gol.

The servants of the Englishman named a cat Grimalkin. For it built a shelf in Sham's stall. The Agb was found too by a shelter in the estate.

 Sham (Godolfin Arabian) and Grimalkin
On a photo: To Russian cabbage soup and his loyal friend cat Grimalkin

Safe life absolutely changed all three. To them to breathe a sigh of relief, but happiness was short. To Russian cabbage soup flatly refused to stand on the back someone except Grimalkin or Agby and over and over again dumped from itself the son-in-law of the owner for whom intended.

Seven-year-old Sham was sold to the owner of the London hotel "The Crowned Lion". The new owner, Mr. Roger, considered himself the master of riding, and began "to bring up" a capricious stallion by the methods. He forbade Agbe and Grimalkin to visit the friend, and Shama chained to a hitching post and ceased to feed, expecting to break spirit of a horse. But Sham was angry only even more.

The Agba with Grimalkin huddled in some hovel, and then, for attempt to make the way secretly to the captivated friend, were imprisoned.

The Agba fell into despair and was on the brink of suicide when to prison with a mission of mercy there arrived the duchess of Marlboro and lord Godolfin, her son-in-law. They had heard a lot about unusual friendship of a horse, cat and person, and achieved release of prisoners. And a bit later lord Godolfin redeemed unfortunate Sham.

The scene of settling of an unseparable Trinity in possession of lord Godolfin drew attention of the English public. The Agba conducted the exhausted, but not broken Sham on whose back it is proud the striped cat sat.

Friends lived quite safely at Gog Magog stud till spring of 1733 when in the same place the magnificent mare Roxana lodged. Thanks to efforts of Agby, Sham and Roxana reunited. Having learned about it, the lord was angry and moved three friends on an old farm. There they also lived 3 years until the destiny made abrupt turn again.

Лэсс, Sham and Roxana's son, unexpectedly for all showed unprecedented playfulness on jumps in the New Market, with ease having bypassed all rivals. And the shamed lord Godolfin with honors returned Sham on stud.

There were years. Sham's descendants brought glory to lord Godolfin who ordered to place on a stable pediment where there lived a stallion, a gilded inscription: "Arabian Godolfin". The lord gave to a horse the name!

The Agba was held in respect and honor, and Grimalkin received honor to pose for the famous artist George Stubbs together with Sham. The picture long time was stored in library of stud.

 Godolfin Arabian and Grimalkin
On a photo: Godolfin Arabian (Sham) and Grimalkin in a picture of the famous artist George Stubbs.

To Russian cabbage soup lived 29 years. The stallion was buried under a marble slab on which gold removed his name. Soon also Agba died, and the century of cats is much shorter horse and human – by then Grimalkin was not alive long ago.

The history Shama formed the story basis "Godolfin Arabian. History of one horse", published in 1833

Godolfin Arabian left behind a great number of descendants and still it appears in the genealogical ancestors of English of thoroughbred roadster breed Metchem (grandson) and Eklips (great-grandson). To these stallions in the male line the vast majority of winners of races goes back around the world.

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