• Jan 27, 2020
the Poor dog by nickname Prada send

on the street in Krasnoyarsk in 2013. Its look terrified volunteers up to the soul depth! The pet then was not also two years old, but he looked really shockingly!

It turned out that Prada suffered then from a demodekoz (a species of a tick ) therefore she absolutely became thin, and on a muzzle numerous wounds … were seen

Once a mastiff of veins of the house with the owners, but then everything changed. People noticed that their favourite got sick therefore just threw out her to die on the street!

, the dog, a homeless animal, is required the help, a mastiff

Prada volunteers of the Krasnoyarsk shelter for animals found "Fidelity". They immediately brought the poor thing to veterinarians, and those made everything that the dog could recover somewhat quicker.

Rescuers found out that last owners of the pet held it only for cultivation, but because of a disease it did not become necessary to them any more!

"These "kind" people ruined a dog at all! Most likely, she was just thrown out, and long ago though they also claim that still just yesterday she lived at them" — volunteers reported.

When Prada completely recovered from a disease, the head of group of volunteers took away a dog to herself!

Now the baby lives in Thailand. She is very happy and really enjoys life! Look at this mini-lion under the hot sun!)

 the dog, a dog, a pet, is required the help, the sea, Thailand

"Let her owners former are whipping the cat as now Prada lives better them", — not indifferent Internet users wrote.

We are very glad that a doggie now safe and sound!

Source: mur.tv

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