• Jan 27, 2020

When it was tonsured, found the lost toy in koltuna!

It is difficult to present how much animals who had to live on the street overcome every day. The loneliness and vulnerability to the big world affects their mental, emotional and physical health. And appearance of homeless animals — the proof of their heavy fight.

The Wahl's "Dirty Dogs" organization with GreaterGood.org decided to help with partnership to charity animals who often receive less due care, to change. In their plans to change 20 thousand more dogs until the end of the year that they could find to themselves the house.

Look at 10 most surprising transformations!


the dog, dog, transformation, is required the help

the Mouse was found on the street. It was dirty, with the confused wool which began to bring terrible discomfort. It is good that it was picked up in time by employees of a shelter, and now this boy changed to unrecognizability!


dog, dog, animal, pet, transformation Olaf's

was found tied to a porch during a blizzard. The poor creature's wool strongly grew and became covered with ice and snow. But now he enjoys the life and games with new friends!


dog, dog, pet, help
the Body of a tiny puppy were covered by such strong knots from the confused wool that not one hour for their removal was required. But now the lovely doggie found the family!


dog, dog, animals, help, transformation

For all the time of finding of Chulo in a shelter he did not show any emotions — it seems, then the dog absolutely gave up … But after the day spent in "beauty shop" it does not cease to wave a tail, having exempted from the freight tormenting him!


dog, dog, transformation, pet

Tweed wandered on streets searching though some shelter or crumb of bread. It is a little magic — and now it is hard to say that in pictures the same dog!


dog, dog, pet, transformation

Snuki so strongly grew that it was difficult to guess the actual sizes of a dog. But now he has a house where regularly look after him and where he is happy!


dog, dog, pet, transformation

Now Mopsi will never feel alone! He was taken away by a foster home which exempted a doggie from three pounds of the fur hiding his nice muzzle.


dog, dog, pet, transformation
When Chester was cut, among koltun found the got lost toy! Only present which was to live with such "cover" … But now the doggie feels and looks much better.


dog, dog, pet, transformation
When Elvis got to a shelter, its wool was tangled so strongly that it could not move! Fortunately, this problem is solved, and now Elvis has a house and the new brother.


dog, dog, pet, transformation

Zelda was in an awful state when it was found. It was difficult to tell whether will take away it from a shelter though sometime. But as soon as it got rid of excess fur, the family itself found it!)

Any animal can find the place in the world, but people have to present it though a little love and cares in the beginning!

You were struck by these transformations? What most of all?)

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