• Dec 20, 2018

the Real cat – it sounds is proud. And he should uphold the reputation, without breaking these commandments at all.

  1. The real cat will not allow the owner to get poisoned. And therefore will surely try the first all dishes which that eats.
  2. The real cat will not allow the owner to miss. And always sings to it songs, sad and cheerful. Sad best of all sound at night.
  3. The real cat checks whether some evil spirits climbed under a blanket to the owner. If there is nobody, he will climb itself there and will guard.
  4. The real cat guards the owner and from other monsters. It is the best of all to do it, sitting on a breast or the face of the owner.
  5. The real cat protects the owner from bad dreams. Once the owner snores, he by all means will wake him.
  6. The real cat will not allow the owner to be late. It will wake him exactly in 6 that it precisely had time for collecting.
  7. The real cat will provide to the owner fitness at home. It will scatter all things and the toys because inclinations – the most effective exercise on a floor.

And how your cat cares for you?

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