• Jan 21, 2020

Love to horses at me began with the childhood. I went to the grandmother to Ukraine, and there was an ordinary rural stable where I vanished. And then a long time I did not contact to horses. But absolutely accidentally it became clear that the acquaintance of the daughter has a horse with whom he does not know what to do. The horse was sports, promising, and we redeemed her.

Grey Horse behind a Photo Fence

Some time we went on competitions to admire our horse, but it was insufficiently. We began to delve deeper, be interested in life of our horse, other horses, the stable, and it turned out that everything is not so iridescent in this horse life.

We also went on stud in Polochanakh to admire horses: the show rushing in the twilight of herd was beautiful. And once we arrived and saw how before our eyes the foal was traumatized. Next day we arrived again – to look what is with him. To a pasture he was not let, he stood in the stall, but as economy not too rich, nobody was going to be engaged in it especially. We called the veterinarian, made the picture, and it turned out that at a foal a change. We asked whether it is on sale – answered us "yes". We for the money performed on it operation, then refused to sell us it, but when it became clear that it is necessary to do the second operation, negotiations on sale went again. Operation was done in Belarus, directly in this stable. And at last we took away a foal.

The Grey Horse Lasts from the Stall of a Photo

As horses are animals tabunny, alone do not live, the partner was necessary. And we contacted the Admiral (Mikosha). He was rejected for sport. It has very good breeding certificate, and buyers still chase his brothers and sisters, but at the Admiral back legs were letter X, as at a cow. Legs at it became straight, probably, in a month after purchase because we provided it excellent walking.

Two Grey Horses on Walking of a Photo

Upon purchase we were told that the Admiral – a magnificent domestic horse, "mattress", but when we brought it home, a mattress was not seen any more. In the same day he jumped over a neighbour's fence, trampled all garlic, and since then and remained it.

Dark Grey Horse behind a Photo Fence

the Third horse – Los Angeles, we named him Angelo – at us appeared in 2 years absolutely accidentally. We stopped by at Polochany, showed us horses, and including showed it – told that, most likely, it will go to meat as got injured month in 4 and since then his hind legs at the movement reminded skis – did not come off the earth. We invited the veterinarian, made the picture, and we were told that, most likely, it by it and it will be necessary – to do something already late. But we nevertheless took away it. The horse was in very bad condition: fleas, worms, and wool long as at a dog – horses so do not acquire. I combed out it and cried – the brush went just on bones. The first month he just ate, and then found out that he, appears, there is other world. We did it massage of a backbone – as were able, and now the horse perfectly moves, but hangs in air as though dances. Now he is 7 years old and when took, there were 8 months.

But it was not any planned rescue. I at all recommend to save to nobody horses – it is responsible, difficult, and it is not a doggie which can be brought in a luggage carrier.

White Horse on a Photo Pasture

the Horse cannot be fallen in love just like that – many people are afraid of them. But only those who do not know them are afraid of horses. The horse will never make anything bad without prevention.

In herd of a horse communicate signs, and the horse will never bite and will not strike, without having shown the warning signs. For example, if the horse stuffed up ears – means, she is very angry and says: "Depart and do not touch me!" And before kicking hind, the horse can raise it. These signs need to be known, and then communication with a horse becomes not dangerous.

The Horse, Grey in Buckwheat, Eats Apples from a Photo Apple-tree

Though as an animal large, it can just want to scratch a side about a wall, and you will appear between a wall and a side, and you will be pressed down slightly. Therefore it is always necessary to be on the alert. It was necessary to grow hair and to collect them in a tail that always, even in windy weather, to see a horse.

Now we have 3 horses, and at everyone the character. For example, our Admiral – the most temperamental, restless and though say that the horse has no mimic muscles, at him everything is written on a face. If he is angry or offended, it is visible at once. I even on a figure from far away can understand in what he mood. Once on a column the kite sat, and Mikosha approached it – it was visible how he caracoles. And when Mikosha approached close, the kite flew away. Mikosha so took offense! He all became soft: how so?

In the morning we let out horses (in the summer – at half past four, in the winter – in 9 – 10), and they walk the whole day (in the winter we periodically start them to get warm to the stable). Home they come, and always for an hour before dark – they have inner clock. At our horses 2 pastures: one – 1 hectare, the second – 2 hectares. In the evening everyone comes into the stall though Angelo likes to check also others "lodges".

Horses in the Stable Eat Photo Hay

our horses do not know what is the person on a back. In the beginning we planned that we them will come around, and then when began to look after them, this thought began to seem strange: does not come to our mind to sit on the friend's back.

I can sit down when the horse lies – she will not jump, they are not afraid of us. We put nothing on them – to shout enough "Mikosha!", and they rush home. If there comes the veterinarian, we put on them halters – it enough that the horse accidentally did not move.

It was at first physically very heavy to look after horses because we were unusual to it and it seemed that it is just accident. Now so it does not seem.

But we cannot leave all together somewhere – only in turn. It is difficult to entrust someone animals – we have no such person. However, as I much where visited, some melancholy that I do not know the world no.

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