• Sep 20, 2019

To a puppy – one and a half months, and he did not stand on pads …

The baby Bella was only six weeks old. Something happened to pads, and she could not go. Owners brought a doggie to the veterinarian and asked to lull. But the veterinarian refused. He wanted to understand from where there was Bella's problem and why it does not go.

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of the Photo: Piper Wood via thedodo.com

Удивительное opening

The veterinarian conducted examination of a dog. As a result it became clear unexpected: Bella did not suffer from a serious disease. It had a hypoglycemia (low content of sugar in blood). And there was a disease, probably, because of a lack of food …

Having begun to receive enough the correct food, Bella in several days got on feet. The dog goes absolutely normally!

Treatment was even cheaper than euthanasia which owners … tried to obtain

New life for Bella

Of course, the puppy was not returned to former owners. But the healthy, vigorous, amusing doggie quickly found new family.

Bella is happy with the careful and loving owners!

And everything could be and in a different way, fall a dog into hands, for example, of other doctor …

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