• Jan 24, 2020
All of us have heard a lot

that pets can be well very strange and ridiculous. Never you know what next unexpected act to expect from them. Often our canine friends try to copy behavior of the owner, so they have even more interesting and strange habits. But unusual things which do our favourites harm nobody at all, and raise at us a smile more often. We so strongly also love them for it!

People from around the world, of course, do not leave ridiculous tricks of the animals at themselves, and with pleasure share strangeness of the pets with others. We collected for you several such stories.

1. "My dog "takes take-away" every time when eats. It will never eat from a bowl. Instead it gathers the whole mouth of a dry feed and goes to sit near me where I went. Then she pours out all forage on a floor and slowly eats it. When the stock of a forage comes to an end, she comes back to a bowl and repeats the same anew".

Photo: Xdogs.ru

2. "My cat adores taking with me a shower. He just sits and drinks water until I do not begin to use shower gel. Then it sits down on edge of a bathtub, silently condemning me for pure such ruthless infection".

Photo: pikabu.ru

3. "My cat loves cakes. No, there are no them. She likes to lie on them. There will not be enough fingers to count how many cakes she already spoiled when decided to roll about on them. I should hide them somewhere to the safe place while they are cooled and stiffen. I had even to buy a special firm cover for cakes because old was soft and did not save from attempts of a cat to spoil cake.

The most awful occurred when my son was one year old. Cake stood on a table during a holiday and waited for the turn. It, of course, decided to lie down also on it. When I came to kitchen to take away cake to guests, in its middle cream was already completely spoiled. And I found the angry cat covered with cream from legs to the head at myself under a bed. And all the same continues to do it".

4. "My cat licks walls and does it somewhere at an interval of 10 minutes. Every night I wake up under the sound similar to an emery paper on a wall".

Photo: liveposts.ru

5. "Our German shepherd – the real pack rat. Its favourite place where he brings things — behind a chair under a table. We should clean there at least once in a week. Usually he puts there candy wrappers and different things which he finds in the policeman. This week we got three mittens for cooking and plastic packing from a pudding from there. He gnaws nothing. Just it is pleasant to him that it has things".

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