• Jan 24, 2020

Strange tricks of cats:

1. " it is not authorized to Me to be angry. If I raise the voice or even just I speak so as if I am angry, my cat right there resorts where she was. And then she gently clasps my hand with pads and mews, tightens my hands to the head and rubs it against them, trying to calm me. It works".

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2. "At me there lives a huge Maine Coon. Its favourite business – at night to bring us things which lie in washing in the cellar. What is strange, he somehow well is guided to what room what things need to be carried. I do not know how he does it, on a smell or still somehow, but in our family to wake up under a pile of the socks — it is normal. And still he constantly mews and makes all sounds while carries things in places, very ridiculously to watch it".

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3. "My cats adore watching how the toilet is washed away. When they were kittens, they ran to look at full speed when they heard a water sound. In general, this harmless hobby, but before in our family at last there was a strict rule to close a toilet bowl cover, I often found in it their toys (I assume that they liked to watch how they flounder about in water)".

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4. "My cat gnaws through packages to reach bread. it is not important in what package it lies or what is bread. He slobbers and easily softens any paper so it is easy to reach bread. It is strange, but it nevertheless once was street therefore I think, it had to do it to survive".

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5. "My cat sometimes just lies near me blindly and purrs, and then suddenly sharply widely opens eyes and stares in a room corner . When I look there, I see nothing. It very much frightens".

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Strange tricks of dogs:

1. "Step 1: to bring to me in a hand a ball that I threw it.

Step 2: to run behind a ball and to begin to gnaw it under a sofa.

Step 3: to release a ball and to allow it to be left far there from where it is difficult to get it.

Step 4: to look to me in the face and to whine loudly plaintively that I did not have choice except how to approach a sofa, to lay down on a floor and to try to get from under it a ball. Usually I as a result lift a sofa to reach it.

Constantly to repeat" .

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2. " wash huskies pulls out a muzzle in a bowl a blank space in food in the middle, and then howls, addressing any person who is near at this moment, complaining that it hungry, and in a bowl as if is not present food. It does it while as a result of its bowl do not lift to shake it to remove a blank space and to put it back. Only then it is accepted to food!".

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3. "I have an Australian shepherd, and she adores sneezing directly on svezhepostiranny and dried up in the drying car linen . Now to get linen from the dryer is a work for two people that one quickly unloaded linen in a basket, and another distracted a dog at this time".

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4. "My dog, the English bulldog by nickname Shelby, sits down to me a back and tries to look at me from this situation , leaning back back until it as a result does not fall. It does the same when we in the car. At first I was afraid that it turns the head, but, apparently, it just very much likes to do it".

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5. "My dog is extremely careful when she begs. She knows that it will be given nothing if she looks at food with the current slobbers. But if not to look at it, then, in general, it and not begging? For example, on this photo she professionally ignores meat in packing".

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