• Jan 21, 2020

Once during forest walk my airdale of Belmondo picked up a huge log and, very happy with himself, dragged it home, flatly refusing to leave.

— You what, went crazy? — he responded to all my offers to put a stick, please. — Such good vanishes! It is so much firewood! We can heat the whole winter!

Arguments on the fact that we have an apartment with all conveniences and central heating, were ignored.

were ahead the man and the woman. And the road was narrow, on both sides snowdrifts. And at my canine friend it was impossible to pass between them in any way, holding atilt a tree. He tried both so and to be attached so — does not leave!

Then it accurately put "stick" on the earth and told: "GAV!" And its GAV — it was, I will tell you, GAV. Going ahead scaredly looked back and parted, and Belmondo fast picked up a log, squeezed between them and, scary happy, incurred the charm further.

People, contrary to my fears, were not frightened. Only laughed that, the good fellow, politely asked.

 Erdel terrier

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