• Aug 25, 2019

All hi! I hurry to share an amusing story, about that as we put a cat into a diet and that from this left.

my mother-in-law – the passionate aelurophile also does not represent how it is possible to live without these fluffy blockheads. Therefore I not especially was surprised when it brought in another visit of a kitten. The mother-in-law tearfully asked to take away the kid, he remained one of a dung. Her Persian cat acquired about three kittens, and she managed to attach other two in kind hands.

Put the Grown Fat Cat into a Diet, but the Peach Gave a Big Surprise

I will Honestly tell

, heart of house trembled. The kid was very lovely, a hybrid with the Persian, fluffy and gentle and red color, not as ordinary domestic cats and as if peach. Actually, therefore we called its Peach. Bribed also the fact that the mother-in-law told that she checked sex котофея, and it was the boy. At once several problems with accommodation of the Peach on free walking in the private house disappeared.

So, we took away the small yobbo, and life became much more cheerful. However, not in the best sense … At first accustomed to a tray, then saved furniture … The kitten was very active so we namuchatsya great.

In its year was not to learn. It was the beautiful, impressive cat, the raised lokhmatost and tenderness. I and children very much became attached to the Peach, but here suddenly it disappeared … Наголосились all family, ran on cellars, the neighboring houses, called a stray cat. Already thought that it was taken away or God forbid poisoned.

On second day of insomnia and search, he left to the younger son the cellar. Our joy was not a limit. A tomcat became unproductive, but looked happy. We brought it home, and he literally attacked on food. I at it did not remember such brutal appetite. Here, I think, wanderer's life finished, understood the Peach all delights of homeliness. But now precisely will not run away any more.

meanwhile the cat ate everything with

A and ate. We even began to be surprised how in it is located so much. Food disappeared in no time, well and as a result, Perce grew in breadth by leaps and bounds. When he across himself became wider, I sounded the alarm. Obesity could impair a little strongly health to our pet, plus to everything it became lazy and all the time lay. I, reluctantly, decided to put the Peach into a diet. Calculated the volume of portions and forbade house to feed up the fat man.

was Very a pity for a cat: he mewed all the time and asked food. But I was relentless, we needed to get rid of excess weight also all.

But one day Peach hid in a corner and began to mew loudly. And here we with surprise understood that the cat that ours … gives birth. The two-day hellbender of this "boy" turned back for us addition in family on 7 lovely kittens. And the Peach now at us Peppercorn.

are necessary to Nobody kittens? Shaggy, beautiful, a floor only check a gender of the veterinarian not to be trapped.

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