• Jan 28, 2020

of the Dog, cat, rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, popugaychik … These animals and birds are tamed for a long time by the person, and usually their education does not bring many problems to owners. But how to arrive when the wild fox needs the help: to save and try to tame, or to leave everything on will of destiny?

This lovely red chanterelle by the name of Dzhuniper was saved at infantile age. Mother Dzhuni was killed by hunters, and the baby remained absolutely alone. By a lucky chance, she was found and kind people who brought up and loved its all this time brought to the house.

the Best friend Dzhuni. Thanks to huge efforts of the hostess, these animals, clever, but absolutely different in character, quickly enough found a common language and became friends.
fox, friendship, nature, pet, wild animal

However several months ago, the hostess Dzhuniper and the Muse heard that one little young fox very needs the help.

fox, friendship, nature, pet, wild animal

His name is Fick, and he was born on a special farm where animals are grown up to receive fur. The congenital anomaly was found in the kid: because of a bacterial infection he lost the left eye and fingers on a back pad that made it unsuitable "goods" for farmers. The girl right there, without delay rushed off to save a young fox.

When tiny Fick appeared at home, he was absolutely intimidated and practically did not react to the world around in any way. However Dzhuniper and Muses accepted him with love and care at once.

fox, friendship, nature, pet, wild animal Dzhuni's

even presented it the favourite toy-kanatik, trying to amuse somehow the kid, and Muses were constantly enclosed in a bed to Fick by the adored ball with which usually did not long.

After few months of care, Fick became more sociable and self-assured. Dzhuniper preserves him and loves as the real mother.

fox, friendship, nature, pet, wild animal
"Foxes are not dogs, at them absolutely other character, these are wild animals whose purpose is not to please the person. Actually, it is very difficult – to bring up foxes. It is necessary to think three times before undertaking it, but I am not sorry about anything and I love the pets as the family, including them full members of my family!"
fox, friendship, nature, pet, wild animal
the Woman claims that since they had a kid Fick, Dzhuniper became much quieter and ceased to gnaw furniture and to spoil everything around.
fox, friendship, nature, pet, wild animal Here of what the true friendship is capable


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