• Aug 29, 2019

The beginning of November, 2018 in California was marked by the strongest wildfires. Several dozens of people died and more than 200 were missing. But not only people suffer from the fire.

Hundreds of pets were lost during this time. Also not always the owners in a hurry leaving houses can take pets with themselves, and just release animals from prison (especially horses, cows and burros) in hope that those will manage to endure natural disaster and to wait for return of owners.

 the Horses affected by the fires in California a photo

On a photo: the horses affected by the fires in California. Photo: facebook.com/hsvc.org

Volunteers of HSVC (Humane society of the District of Ventura) save whom can, treat and place in shelters. Also urge all not indifferent, met neglected horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats or rabbits not to pass by, and whenever possible to shelter them until animals are able to reunite with owners.

Recently on the HSVC page the post of gratitude to the actress, winner of the Oscar Sandra Bullock appeared – it offered 100,000 dollars on rescue of the animals affected by the fire. On this money volunteers will be able to provide care of dozens of wards.

However, it is not the first act proving that the famous actress has a kind heart. Before she sheltered three disabled dogs in the house: three-legged hybrid of a chihuahua of Poppi, biped Ruby's chihuahua and one-eyed Bebe. Sandra Ballok took all dogs in the Californian shelter.

When dogs are tired on walk, the actress takes them on hands. Its car is also equipped with specially developed seats and belts that to pets it was comfortable to travel.

 Sandra Ballok and her dogs of a photo

On a photo: Sandra Ballok and her dogs from a shelter. Photo: google.by

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