• Jan 21, 2020

Ya I do not like to lure stray dogs. Not because I do not feel sorry for them, and absolutely on the contrary: I do not want to give a reason for unrealizable hopes and illusions. And if I leave food, then so that it was found, but did not see who delivered "humanitarian aid". Not to bind …

But was not necessary to it food to make you by an object of the attachment. She just chose people who seemed to it suitable for a role of "pack". By what principle it became, unclear. But, anyway, I was among "elite" …

 the Dog at the station of a photo
She was quite large, light-red, ostronosenky mongrel and lived at the Zagorye station. It often could be seen the ticket office lying near, sometimes the vagabond let to get warm inside and, most likely, fed up because thin it was not. There was a dog there suddenly, kind from nowhere, and in our first meeting treated me so as if we were old friends who did not see each other, at least, a century. She jumped up, whined, rubbed about legs, helped me to buy the ticket, and then ran afterwards on the platform. I honestly tried not to pay attention to her and very much was afraid that the dog will get for me into the car, but as soon as the electric train approached, she with independent air started wandering back to cash desk.

And began our strange friendship.
the dog received the code nickname Fox For an attractive face (with an accent on "and"). Each my emergence at the station was followed by a delight storm, and food interested a dog a little. In any case, when I, at last, gave up and began to bring it sausage, the Fox ate it only until I stood nearby. Once I departed, she right there threw a food and ran afterwards. However, as it was already told, the dog obviously did not starve.

And was necessary for it another. Liskin dog nature could not take out loneliness, and was vital though for 10 minutes to feel it someone's, significant for someone though a little loved …

Reached even that it began … to protect me from other people. When Lisk was near, she terribly growled on everyone who dared to pass too close, according to her. And once it nearly ended sadly for her. Then my horse Ryzhul already badly felt, I went on the stable every day, running away from work a bit earlier, and then returned to it, was tired terribly and somehow poorly reacted to surrounding reality. And the dog as if feeling my state, behaved surprisingly quietly. She, as always, met me near cash desk, ate the portion of a liverka and took seat nearby to wait for the electric train, periodically shy pushing a nose my hand regarding "to stroke". And by there passed not the really sober type on whom Lisk quietly, but rather distinctly began to roar. And that, having solved, obviously, to prove "steepness", stamped on her a leg in response to what the dog was filled in with furious bark that in turn caused a flow of abuse and aggressive attacks. Some compassionate woman standing nearby tried to bring to reason the drunk, but that dispersed even more and at some point, talking nonsense about the rich film logical experience, tried to stick with a cigarette into a dog muzzle. And here all experiences of the last days overflowed me with an improbable force, and I did not even shout, and growled:

is ***** ******, POSHEL VON OTSYUDA!!!! But NOT THAT …

Probably, something in it was because the little man, without having listened to the end what penalties I am going to call for his head, suddenly moved back, nearly fell down rails and murmured:

— All right, all right, only you take a dog …

— WONS!!! – I bellowed, having clasped with one hand Lisku for a neck.

the Drunkard nervously shuddered and, looking back, posemenit away. And a dog, indifferently, wagging a tail, licked my palm and, having waited until I disappear in a car subsoil, started wandering on the favourite place.

Later I learned that in this way she welcomes not only me that at it in friends some more people are registered. But nevertheless her attachment was in such measure of the selective and not giving in rationalization that it was only necessary to be surprised.

 the Dog at the station of a photo
For several months I so got used to Liskiny society that when I once again did not find it at the station, even without having realized it yet, felt some emptiness. And when understood what is not enough – tried to calm cowardly itself the fact that you never know what urgent dog matters at it … But the dog did not appear both next time, and then.

More I did not see it.

Of course, it would be possible to learn where it got to. I think, it is possible. But I did not become. I do not think that I want to know the truth. And still every time, approaching the station and seeing in the distance a light-red dog silhouette, I hoped that it it. But every time was mistaken …

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