• Jan 21, 2020

Rex – perhaps, the strangest dog from all whom I knew (and them, believe, there is absolutely a lot of!). Unusual in it there is a lot of: foggy origin, strange habits, emergence … Also there is one more thing distinguishing this dog from others. Almost always it is possible to tell about an animal, lucky he or not. I cannot tell it about Rex. I do not know, the lucky he or the fatal loser. Why? You judge …

The Dog Looks in a Lens

For the first time I saw Rex long before it appeared on the stable. And our meeting was some strange too. That day we with my horse Ryzhulin went to the lake. When came back, the strange dog stole a march. Strange – because I somehow was frightened at once by its look. The hunched back, a tail practically nestled on a stomach, the hung head and absolutely badgered look. And instead of a collar – a tyukovy cord which long end was dragged on the ground. From this show it became feel ill at ease, and I called to a dog in hope at least to remove from it a rope, however that jumped aside aside and disappeared in the lane. It was not succeeded to catch up with it, but I will meet did not forget. But when it appeared on the stable once – at once learned.

The Dog Jumps on a Photo Grass

By the time of our second meeting it did not change, the piece of a cord which only is dragged disappeared, however, on a neck somewhere the rope remained. And so – the same put tail between the legs and a wild look. The dog pottered about near a barrel for garbage in hope to find something food. I got drying from a pocket and threw to it. The dog was thrown aside, then stealthily approached a tip and swallowed. The following drying fell already closer, then still, more and more … Eventually he agreed to take an entertainment from hands, however, very carefully, all was intense and, having grasped production, right there jumped aside aside.

— All right — I told. – If you such hungry, wait here.

It seemed to me, or the dog really in reply slightly wagged a tail? In any case, when I took out the cottage cheese which is laid up for cats, he still sat near a lodge, expectantly looking at a door. And when suggested to approach, it (and this time definitely it did not seem to me!) suddenly joyfully screamed, began to wag a tail and ran up. And having supported, licked a hand and somehow instantly changed.

Dogs Heat Each Other of a Photo

All dikovatost disappeared in one moment. Before me there was a dog, even almost still a puppy, cheerful, good-natured and extraordinary tender. He as the kitten, began to rub about hands, to fall on a back, holding up a breast and a stomach for pochesushka, to be licked … Generally, already began to seem to me that that absolutely wild dog who was here some minutes ago existed only in my imagination. It was so strange and unexpected transformation that I even became puzzled a little. Especially as the dog was obviously not going to leave … anywhere

On the same day it helped to show horses to the veterinarian, and went with us to walk later. So the dog found to himself a haven. The determination with which he defined that that's it there will be his house struck. And he achieved the …

The Dog Gnaws a Photo Stick

Ya about its nazyvl to "the left unfinished huskies". Vague suspicions about the fact that someone from representatives of nice family northern лаек nearby nevertheless ran tormented me. Because the massive head, thick paws, a tail, a ring lying on a back, and a characteristic mask on a muzzle favourably distinguished it from usual rural Balls. And still I am almost sure that there was it house, even "sofa". Because in a lodge it tried to be attached on a chair all the time and constantly demanded communication. Somehow out of boredom I decided to teach our unseparable Trinity konyushenny dogs to the main teams. And unexpectedly it became clear that this science is not new to Rex, and not only he is able to sit on command, but also gives a paw quite to himself professionally. That turns of its destiny are more mysterious. How did this dog, almost a puppy still, get to the village in such state? Why if it is visible that he was заласкан and it is loved, him, nevertheless, nobody looked for?

Dog in a Photo Tent is stranger

A that the dog unexpectedly found a shelter at … grooms! Those which to almost death 2 other dogs were afraid, of those to which it was absolute to spit on wellbeing of horses. Rex for some reason pleased them, they even began to feed up him and prigreliya in the room. Actually, the name "Rex" to him was thought up too by them, and they fastened a wide collar of khaki which, it is necessary to recognize on a dog, gave to this companion additional charm. Than it subdued them – a riddle. But – the fact is available.

Before hit on the stable we so learned nothing about Rex's fate. Dogs, alas, can tell nothing. But to say that after emergence there troubles left it — would mean to violate the truth. Because Rex constantly found to himself adventures. And, unfortunately, not harmless …

Dog on Photo Sand For a start he somewhere got poisoned with

. It is necessary to tell, rather qualitatively. But as this stage of his life passed without my participation thanks to another business trip, I know a situation only from stories by other owners of horses. And in response to questions at that time heard that the dog "badly felt, he something was cut away, but it is already best of all for a dog".

As then it appeared, to it it was not just very bad. Rex quite seriously was going to die, and almost succeeded in it if not intervention of people who literally pulled out it from the next world. So what was found by me was really already best of all. But without preparation to see IT it appeared hard. He survived and. But not only that from a dog were left only skin and bone (without any figurative sense), he also went blind.

Both eyes were covered with a whitish film. Rex sniffed, beat about the bush, even could not find food while it was practically not pushed to him in a mouth, tried to play, but came across people and objects, and once nearly got under hoofs. And it was terrible.

The veterinarian to whom I phoned, told rigidly and unambiguously: a dog – the goner. If it was talked of a pet to whom with guarantee will provide treatment and care, observation of doctors, then it would be possible to fight. But almost stray dog, completely blind is a sentence. "He will just starve to death, think! How will he get food?!" Then after all told: well, try to blow into glucose powder in eyes. "It is icing sugar, perhaps?" — I specified. "Well, it is most. Worse definitely …" Will Not lose really, generally, there was nothing. And next day to the stable there went icing sugar.

Rex apprehended the procedure rather favourably. And noticed in the evening that, it seems as, the film in the face of a dog became a little more transparent. And every other day it was found out that one eye is already absolutely good, and on the second there was a turbidity, but "absolutely slightly". And still one day later new recipes of treatment appeared. To Rex dripped in eyes an antibiotic, pricked any medical rubbish … And the dog recovered. Absolutely. He was lucky … again

However, joy concerning his wellbeing was short. Nothing happened to it, probably, month. And then …

Dogs volunteered to see me to the electric train. Rex shot ahead, cheerfully jumping on a roadside as suddenly the car overtaking us wagged aside and … bump, Rex flies away aside, it turns over and necessary to lie not movably. Having run up, I see that he is alive. Even tries to rise, but hind legs give away, and Rex awkwardly falls sideways. "The backbone is broken," — with horror I think, feeling a dog the shivering hands.

Having dragged it to a lodge, I dial to somebody who can help. Rex does not even whine: just lies and looks in one point unseeing eyes. And I once again try to define whether bones are whole, and every time I come to different conclusions.

When the dog was examined, it became clear that there are no changes, but mucous pale, so most likely, there is internal bleeding.

Rex courageously is treated. And, the good fellow, not only pricks, but even transfers a dropper without resistance next day. And in several days it (hurrah!) began to eat.

And the dog recovers again! And record rates. In two days he gets away from pricks, and for the third day tries to go for a walk on three legs with us. And in few weeks behaves indifferently. By the way, this incident did not fill it with dread in front of cars and the road at all. But I promised to allow dogs to see me even to the minibus.

Long time at Rex everything was good. And then he … was gone. Also unexpectedly, as well as appeared. During search said that saw it in the company of people whom it joyfully accompanied. There is a wish to hope that he this time was finally lucky to meet the people. And the limit of the tests which fell to its lot ended.

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