• Jan 22, 2020

In zoohotel in the Volozhinsky district of Belarus on an equal basis with people the royal poodle of Arney works.

A shelter for the homeless and the thrown tails, or the zoohotel for dogs, appeared in the Volozhinsky district of Belarus, in the village of Aleshchenyata, two and a half years ago. Her spouses Igor and Elena Kreynisy based.

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Photo: facebook.com/zoohotel.volozhin

Always there is a lot of lodgers in a shelter. Someone is brought there by volunteers from "usypalok", someone is left by the former owners. Know about this zoohotel in the district many. Drag Kreynisam and puppies from dumps, and the thrown-out pets, and stray dogs. Often animal urgent medical care is required. Spouses contact clinics, treat, nurse. Is also such who comes here to attain the age and also dogs-spinalniki, disabled people.

Each of tails gets to a shelter with the sad story and the covered with wounds heart. Not all doggies easily and quickly "open". Happens in order that the dog trusted in the person, believed him, there pass months.

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Photo: facebook.com/zoohotel.volozhin

Elena Kreynis admits that it would be much more difficult to work if not their Arney's dog, personal with Igor. He helps obstinate savages to accustom, adapt to life in a shelter. In the language he explains to the tails which saw a lot of things that this world is not so terrible that the worst at them already behind. Later communication with Arney even at difficult sobaken shortly has a gloss in eyes: they want to live and trust people.

Igor and Elena give to dogs love and care, look for them families. And they manage it! And there go tails as to new houses in various settlements of Belarus and Russia, and Europe. Several pets from a shelter in Aleshchenyatakh departed to the USA.

And about Arney Elena it is ready to repeat tirelessly: this is the best dog. The poodle got to them in seven nine years ago and at once became her full member. And business even not that it is a winner of various film logical competitions, the champion of Belarus, Poland, Ukraine. Matter in soul. Arney understands everything – and even not from a half-word, and on a smile, a look. With it spouses are not afraid to leave also the daughter: are sure of a canine friend for 100 percent!

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Photo: facebook.com/zoohotel.volozhin

And what a poodle now breed not fashionable, Elena considers even to the best. Among manufacturers there were loyal fans of this breed. They responsibly treat saving the standard and improvement of breed. The hostess calls Arney by the perfect creation allocated with mind, beauty, boundless devotion and also pedagogical and psychological talents.

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