• Dec 26, 2019

Appeared our Muska in family quite unexpectedly. Once in the rainy, gray autumn afternoon we were going to mold in the evening all family pelmeni. Only Anyuta, my younger sister was missing. Here we were also waited by a small surprise weighing 200 grams. And Anyuta found this dirty lump of wool directly at us in an entrance. After much debate, tears of the sister and arrangements of mother there was a lump with us, and was named a simple cat's name of Musk. By the way, at first we did not understand – Muska it, or nevertheless Musalim, business cleared up after a campaign to the veterinarian.

Our Cat Found the Biggest Tray

The kitty grew the magic, gentle, delicate three-colored beauty. Despite uncertainty of origin, problems with Muska did not arise. And somehow at once it was defined where it is possible to sharpen claws and almost from the first found a tray and did not give an inconvenience. Here it would be desirable to tell: "They lived long and happily and did not know any efforts", but is not present.

Because of my cat the neighbor gave up a booze and now sings in church choir

For full immersion in current situation there is a wish to tell about our yard, and it at us model. Lovely beds of old pots, figures of storks, multi-colored small benches, the playground – and all this miracle directly at us under windows. And the aunt Nina from the first floor watches purity and esthetic appeal. The woman is strict, but fair.

And here we sit somehow with the sister, we watch all this beauty from a window. We look, our Muska became sad. On the street warmly, the sun shines, birdies fly, tempting with the twitter our beauty. Also we decided the world to show Muske, not all in the apartment to sit.

Having quickly thought that just to release a kitty it is unsafe, built her something like a breast-band from a belt and went to walk. At first the cat was rather afraid, nestled on the earth and sits. Then became interested in the world around and went to study. In the course of studying the fluffy girlfriend found a wonderful tray – a sandbox in the yard. Dug poles there, rolled and spoiled, probably, with happiness at the sight of a new huge toilet. We, of course, tidied up shame, but did not assume what our unplanned walk will lead to.

As a kind cat Timofey because of the friend Sharik nearly took off on the street

Since then the good behavior of Muski ended. Now, as soon as she wants in a toilet, sits down about a door and shouts, so far not to let out her to the yard. Refuses to go to a tray absolutely at home. We tried everything: bought a tray more, replaced filler with sand, rearranged a cat's toilet to different places, nothing helped. It is necessary to release, wait will not make business yet and at once to clean after a cat. What now to do we do not know. The father jokes that it is necessary to fill up with sand a balcony though actually not before laughter. Before neighbors it is very a shame and the aunt Nina slantwise glances.

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