• Jan 28, 2020

to It all the same — rich you or poor, he will love all the same you very much …

One day the resident Kaesong (Fillipina) Maria Kabs, walking on local small streets, noticed the little homeless boy. He held on hands nice sleeping a shchenochka and sang to him a lullaby.

, a dog, an animal, a homeless animal, the boy

It is a show could not leave the girl indifferent, and she decided to talk to the kid and to learn his history.

It turned out that 11-year Rommel (so call the boy) remained on the street after his parents divorced. The boy has elder sister in other city, and his greatest desire – to resume study at school.

History of this boy something reminds hundreds of those cases when owners leave the animals to the mercy of fate only because they stop being interesting and convenient or do not fit into their new life.

Rohm lives on the street quite long time. He felt infinitely lonely — about that day did not meet Badzhi's yet!

, a dog, a homeless animal, the boy, the thrown animal, the child
This pretty puppy never knew love and caress. Rommel and Badzhi different, but unites them one – total loneliness. They are the derelicts forgotten by society, but for such short time managed to feel that more lives are necessary each other!
, a dog, a homeless animal, the child, the boy
Rohm feeds up a puppy and sings to it lullabies, and that, in turn, gives to the boy feeling of necessity and all love of which warm Heart of a Dog is only capable. , a dog, a homeless animal, the child, the boy

Maria wrote down this touching moment on video, and in a flash it became virus in network.

Just look at it, and you will understand what there is a speech … about

So there is a wish that at these two everything was good! Let the Universe will present them fulfillment of desires because they really deserve it!

Truth?.  a dog, a dog, the child, the boy, the thrown animal

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