• Nov 26, 2019

Lives at us a gray cat Vasya. Usual such, not remarkable, the wife on the street still a kitten picked up it, took pity on the kid. And he shot up of the size of a little pony and became the real cat's standard of courage.

The Campaign in a Vetklinik for Castration of a Cat Ended with the Fact that to Me Appointed Pricks from Rage

He behaves according to an alpha male – marks the territory everywhere where it is only possible, and in March shouts at night and goes to love hellbenders, quite often comes back happy, but beaten.

I long time was reconciled with all this, the man's man after all understands. But the patience of the wife gradually came to naught, and once she put the ultimatum: or I carry Vasya to castrate, or to us with both of them it will be bad. I hardly agreed with the wife as also I was already got by this wonderful "aroma" in the apartment, it is a shame to call guests.

I registered in reception to the veterinarian, borrowed at the brother carrying for a cat. By the way, our Vasily never further our street came, did not see clinic and at all especially was not anywhere therefore it had to be his first serious travel.

I loaded a cat into carrying, put it in the car and we together went to the doctor to the fixed time. In the car Vasya behaved is disturbing, looked out through a carrying window, pressed ears, but in general was silent and rather quiet.

We came into clinic, sat down in turn in an office, I got Vaska from carrying that the doctor to it gave a preliminary injection. And Vasya as saw a number of other visitor with the redressed cat and doctors with the syringe, and began to go crazy. Escaped, coiled, shouted, bit also me, and the doctor who helped to catch him, and as a result – at all ran away.

I went to look for it, all bitten and scratched, but did not find. Returned to clinic, communicated to the doctor, and that told that it can be rage and it is necessary to put down a course from 6 pricks to both me, and him. As I tried to convince the doctor that Vasya for fear went just crazy, it in any. Told, you should not risk, rage – a fatal disease.

I came back home without cat, the wife shocked, cried several days, I went to take injections from rage. And Vasya himself home came in a week – happy, healthy as if nothing was. I looked at him, and such feelings different were – the joy that it returned, and rage that it was necessary to throw out 10 thousand on pricks from rage which is absent.

Vasya to himself delayed castration: and there is no money because of pricks superfluous, and there is not enough courage. But sooner or later I after all will make it!

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