• Nov 24, 2019

I faced a black strip and such once that is more black there is no place, sometimes already and did not know what to do, thoughts in the head bad climbed. And only my dog mongrel the Check and a cat the Bumblebee calmed. And kind of I their left some? Itself perfectly I know what is one to remain around the world with the problems.

Mine the Cat and a Dog Robbed the Neighbour, and I Am an Accomplice and the Concealer Stolen

And so, there were left I sharply without work, there is no money at all, the last stocks left on payment of the credit and sterns to my menagerie. Without food I will never leave the animals, it is better itself I will not eat up, and I will feed a cat with a dog, they are not guilty that their so unlucky hostess.

In the refrigerator the mouse hung herself, from food only bread yes several packages of grain which as it is in a throat gets stuck. I by that moment already found work new, but to salary it is not less than a week more, and there is a wish to eat. Before desire to eat goodies was strong that at night I dreamed a shish kebab.

Once I hear how at a door the Check is scraped, came back home from walk. I open for it, it runs, and behind it also the Bumblebee flies. At a cat of an eye frightened, and at a dog in a mouth huge such шмат meat! I as this pulp saw, so at me at once saliva from desire began to be emitted. The dog threw meat on a floor and runs up to a window, on hinder legs gets up, looks out. The bumblebee too anxiously afar peers, presses ears. And here I understood everything. I a piece of meat am enough and quickly I carry it in a bathtub, I only manage to throw in a sink as the neighbor begins to break a door.

My animals under a sofa were slaughtered, are afraid to put out muzzles. I open a door, and the neighbor tells me that it worked in a kitchen garden and saw how the cat through a window leaf gets meat from her kitchen and on the earth throws, and there already the dog waited, grabbed with fillet, and the gang having a tail gave to a thick woolen cloth. Of course, I was overcome by pangs of conscience, I against a lie, theft and deception, but having felt hungry so strongly that I gave in to desire and told the neighbor that did not see any meat, perhaps, animals on the road lost. And, maybe, ate. Or it is not mine the dog and a cat stole meat from it.

The neighbor, of course, did not believe, impudently into the apartment came, checked the refrigerator, the freezer, but there except couple of eggs and mayonnaise there was nothing. And it left, not solono hlebavsh. And meat I is three more days ate, enjoyed it with all the heart and treated getters.

The benefit, now a black strip ended, and I should not eat the food got by my thieves having a tail, but I am immensely grateful to them for the fact that they then brought this piece of meat.

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