• Jan 27, 2020

the Cat by nickname Pepe some time roamed about Denton's streets, the State of Texas until two girls picked up it and two of his sisters and brought in a shelter. At first it seemed that cats are sick with something, they had redkovaty wool of different length and growing unevenly. But then it was decided that it is metises of a sphinx and ordinary cat.

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of dirt, but in a shelter it was treated and washed up as his sisters. And then he carried out here the whole three months as nobody wanted to take to himself this closed cat. Two of his sisters were taken away quickly, they were very sociable and tender though looked also strange.

But then appeared Shia Daspin's and Joshua Thaker's and they at once fell in love with Pepe.

"Pepe looks so unusually as if fell from the Moon. Generally he same as well as we" — laughs Shia.
 a cat, a cat, a pet
When two sisters of Pepe was taken away, he became even more unsociable and sat, hammered into the far-away country of a cage. The people coming to select to themselves cats often just did not notice it.

 the cat, a cat, a pet, the pet, is required the help
From Shia and Joshua who arrived for Pepe even from New York of the house there live two more cats of breed a sphinx. Earlier with them there lived one more cat, but she died recently and the grieved couple looked for the new partner.

"We checked lists of cats from shelters day after day, looking for the one who would be ideal for us. And suddenly we saw Pepe's photo. He resembled motley crew from parts of cats of different breeds. Then we read that he well meets with other cats and understood that it is most likely our candidate".
Already next day Shia and Joshua took off for Texas.

 cat, cat, pet

"When we got acquainted, it already later a couple of minutes began to be stuck to us with the head into palms that it was stroked. And then it zamurlykat. Then we understood that he will precisely fly with us home".

Pepe perfectly transferred flight to New York and quickly accustomed to the new house. According to Shia, he was instantly changed and from the closed frightened cat what was in a shelter, became the bright and blossoming guy.

" I seldom saw cats who would be such lovely and trustful as Pepe. It very strongly became attached to us".

 the cat, a cat, a pet, is required the help
C of one of the new girlfriends by nickname Iggy Pepe established especially close relations and now they sleep near with each other. Also Shia and Joshua decided to find out what mix of breeds is in Pepe and decided that most likely it is a hybrid with Don сфинксоì или петерболдом.
 the cat, a cat, a pet, is required the help
"Perhaps it just mix of different breeds of sphinxes and ordinary cats. And there can be it just genetic mutation. We did not see still earlier similar cats therefore could not come to a final conclusion".
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