• Jan 27, 2020

Near Smolensk a residence of so-called black razvedenets who have "nurseries" — in cellars and sheds. For customer acquisition hold couple of well-groomed dogs, and the others — as "car" on production of puppies. For any dog who appeared in such conditions, life turns into hell. After existence in such "concentration camps", two-year-old dogs look is 10 years more senior. Practically all from them — the blind people exhausted and with tumors.

 dogs, a wild animal, a pet, rescue, nurseries One of such nurseries was found by
near Slutsk (Belarus). From there volunteers took away 8 dogs, but there was 20 more. As soon as the place was opened, "manufacturers" began to cover up quickly tracks, stuffing dogs on sheds and basements. For supervisory authorities which will organize checks everything was made "purely".
 dogs, wild animal, pet, rescue, nurseries
But the fact remains: dozens of dogs lived in the most terrible, antisanitariyny conditions, for years without seeing light, were fed with slops from hospital and dead chickens from factory. And about what is love and care animals also do not know. There nobody thought that they are sensitive and tender beings!
 dogs, wild animal, pet, rescue, nurseries
in general dogs with a set of diseases that was difficult to be defined how it is more correct to begin treatment. Demodekozny, zaglistovanny with ascarids almost in two tens centimeters, with the decaying paws and sides.
Volunteers took away 8 dogs, 4 of which gave. A state at all heavy and started: operations are required for two dogs. All saved — girls who were repeatedly kesarit. At two hematomas on ears, the swelled up a little auricle — surgical intervention is also necessary. Meanwhile eyes, ears treat, fatten. In plans obligatory sterilization of all. What happens with reproductive organs — terribly to present.
Now babies are on the mend, are rehabilitated. Anyway, the most awful for them behind.

 dogs, wild animal, pet, rescue, nurseries
 dogs, wild animal, pet, rescue, nurseries
Note. Full name of "razvedenets": Valentin Aleferovich (Prusov), Irina Kravchenkova, Ekaterina Shifranovskaya, Natalya Yefimova. Residence: Smolensk (Russia). Nurseries in the territory of Republic of Belarus.


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