• Aug 12, 2019

of Five newborn kittens of sphinxes as family, other cat accepted.

A few days ago brought a cat of a sphinx to veterinary clinic of the city of Kaluga – independently she could not give rise. After owners the cat was taken away, and kittens were suggested doctors to be drowned …

Kittens were krupnenky, mother cat could not give birth to them. Exhausted and almost immobilized, owners brought the favourite to the Kaluga clinic. To a cat made Caesarian – mother and five children survived.

But owners after operation took away only a cat. And kittens were suggested doctors to be drowned as superfluous. As it is paradoxical, but, thanks to complications in labor, kids survived. If the house favourite herself successfully was delivered, then her children would be already or are dug, or drowned.

Here a deplorable result of childbirth "for health" … And it is, unfortunately, not an isolated case.

But to posterity of this thoroughbred cat has the luck to survive! Newborn orphans remained on hands with the volunteer. The person did not depart several days from kids: feed everyone, massage a tummy that peed-did a poo. Until you finish with the fifth, anew begin with the first …

Soon found a cat who only gave birth to the two, but as she the family, accepted also naked children sphinxes.

Here it at children the difficult beginning of life. But, we hope, further to them it will be simpler. The main thing that owners were careful and loving which would not suit bonds of childbirth improving procedures. Sterilization is far more humane, unless is not present?

To whom kittens sphinxes attracted, contact curators of group of the help to sphinxes .

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