• Sep 20, 2019

In behavior of a kitten something guarded the hostess. The girl understood: so should not be.

Svetlana is a lover of cats of breed a Maine Coon. The girl wanted to get a kitten long ago. And here she decided. She looked for a kitten on the Internet. Found nursery which territorially was near the house.

Svetlana communicated with the manufacturer via e-mail and messages in messengers. In absentia she agreed to buy a kitten.

And here the dream came true. At home there was a Maine Coon – a long-awaited woolen ball.

 a Maine Coon, a pet, a cat
of the Photo has illustrative character. Source: http://silver-valley.ukit.me/kotiata__kittens

Но soon Svetlana understands: something is not right. The kitten did not eat.

Svetlana addressed the veterinarian. The doctor told the hostess: the kitten is not yet 12 weeks old (the manufacturer assured what is). The "dairy" kid could not be separated from a cat …

A kitten it is necessary to bring up and learn to eat independently.

The veterinarian doubted also: whether thoroughbred it is a Maine Coon …

Svetlana tried to contact the manufacturer, but … is ineffectual.

It is a cautionary story. It that future owner has to be confident in the manufacturer. Before to take a kitten, it is necessary to get acquainted with the manufacturer. To see kittens and a cat, to look at conditions in which kids … were born and grew up

And whom to Svetlana to blame how not? But the girl did not refuse a kitten: brings up him from a small bottle and gradually accustoms to firm food.

But, and treats a doubtful family tree of a kitten philosophically: but he is the most favourite!

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