• Sep 20, 2019

A kitty Nimbus still such small, but with strong character!

Young spouses found a little kitten on a roadside. The tiny lump which only opened eyes was in dust and soot. The animal was thrown out!

 white kitten, cat, street, grass, pet
of the Photo: Shutterstock et The Dodo

of the Spouse took away a kitten to themselves. They bought houses the baby, dried up. And she, tired and grateful, fell asleep on the owner's hands.

The cat was called Nimbus. But it not the only animal in family.

At couple already there lived two dogs and two cats. People worried how animals, adult and big by the size, will meet the baby.

At the first meeting with dogs Nimbus behaved unexpectedly …

 kitten, wool on end, terrible cat, house, person
of the Photo: Shutterstock et The Dodo

Having curved a back and ощетинив wool, the kitten tried to look terrible. All the frightening look Nimbus showed to dogs who in 10 times more who in the house the owner.

Dogs and cats, having felt strength of the baby, did not touch it, did not offend.

 dog and cat, pet, the first acquaintance
of the Photo: Shutterstock et The Dodo

the Little brave kitten quickly made friends with dogs and cats, became a part of playful team. Here what means in time to show character!

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