• Jan 23, 2020

Pit bull terriers, unfortunately, do not differ in the best reputation among dogs. However they already many times proved wonderful faithful partners, as well as in this story.

Ember appeared in the family after it was taken away from a shelter. The hostess, Traci, for a second did not doubt the choice as once already had in pets of a pit bull terrier.

Photo: smalljoys.tv
Ember very much became attached at once to the 10-year-old boy, Traci's son. But nobody even expected that the dog will save to him life.
Traci woke up One night from the fact that it Ember loudly barked and growled nearby. At once it became clear that something is not right. A pit bull terrier brought uneasy mother into the bathroom where her son fell with an attack.
tells: "His trunk was thrown through a bathtub side, only the sticking-out legs were visible".

Photo: smalljoys.tv
Fortunately, thanking Ember, the boy managed to be brought to hospital in time and to save. Now he is absolutely healthy.

Photo: smalljoys.tv

"It is just amazing dog. I do not know what I without it would do".

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