• Jan 27, 2020

Trevor an ordinary young dog of breed a short-haired dachshund — long, short-legged and quite playful. But once it strongly surprised the hostess Fran Jennings when every day began to become thicker and thicker.

As if a balloon Trevor was inflated almost in the eyes and nobody in family could understand that there is with it it. Only when the dog became three times more fat than the usual size, the alarmed hostess carried it in a vetklinik of Willows Veterinary Group.

 the dog, a dog, a dachshund, is required the help, a vetklinik with

of Veterinarians Trevor's type puzzled too. they never before faced such case.

"They told that they never saw anything similar" — Fran Jennings tells — "Anyway, it was something serious. as it influenced Trevor's breath therefore we had to leave it at doctors for several days that they tried to find out what happened to it".

The dachshund was carefully examined, and then in addition educated on X-ray and at last found a problem: really inflated a dog as a balloon from the air which got to interiors.

, a dog, X-ray, internals

Trevor somehow injured a trachea (can be something sharp got into a throat) and in a trachea the opening was formed. And every time when Trevor took a breath, a little air went to this opening and got into an abdominal cavity.

"In literal sense Trevor pumped up himself. Never saw before it" — the veterinarian Michel Kovard says.

Fortunately, small operation could help Trevor. To him closed an opening in a trachea and removed air from an abdominal cavity. When Trevor recovered after operation, he became again such as earlier and feels far better.

 a dachshund, a puppy, a dog, a gladkoshersty dachshund
"When it appeared on survey after operation, it was very brisk and happy" — Michel says, "It as if the hero, all love it and he loves all and doctors and nurses".

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