• Jan 17, 2020
This story began

20 years ago. We with the brother, being already adults, decided to get a dog. Read about features of characters and behavior of canine friends of different breeds much, exasperated with inquiries of familiar dog lovers …

At last stopped the choice on a Rottweiler. Friends and the family dissuaded. Considered that a Rottweiler — a dog murderer, she difficult gives in to education, training. Were about to beg: "Come round! You have in the house a small child (it about my daughter)".

a photo from personal archive of Andrey

But we already for ourselves solved everything: got a Rottweiler. It is necessary to tell that before in family there were never pets.

And here we arrived to manufacturers. To us huge "band" of the squealing, pushed and clumsy tots towards ran out. Directly eyes ran up. We precisely knew that we need the boy. But it was impossible to choose someone from this constantly moving "gang". While we explained to the manufacturer whom we want and while she tried to catch at least one puppy, the quickest, but well-fed managed to be filled up in a bag which we brought with ourselves and sat-waited. The issue with the choice was resolved by itself. We took away a puppy and went home.

Here is how we had a new family member who — is constantly squealing, whining funny "imp".

We called him Pearce. It was well remembered at first: the puppy constantly whined, especially at night. And we with the brother in turn slept with him on a rug. The puppy grew up, and nightmares gradually stopped. And my daughter who at that time was two years old was simply in love with Pierce. And he reciprocated to her, so they also grew together as the brother and the sister.

a photo from personal archive of Andrey

I remember, to Pierce there was no year also, there was one amusing case. There was a holiday, we have guests. Everything as one, were horrified by a species of the young Rottweiler who is peacefully snuffling on the matrasik. Pierce did not pay any attention to guests at all. All sat down at a table and began to be indignant how such terrible and awful dog can be in one house with the small child. We explained that they live in peace and friendship, Pierce very much loves the daughter, and in general they are the best friends.

a photo from personal archive of Andrey

But people agreed to differ. Suddenly the door opens, and the room is entered by the woken-up daughter who pulls for an ear of a Rottweiler. And that obediently stamps for the little hostess. Guests were shocked. The dog did not do any attempts to be released from the girl's hands, on the contrary — pushed her the wet nose.

The huge beautiful dog grew from a puppy. Also the daughter grew. And their mutual attachment got stronger every day. If the daughter in something was not right, and on her tried to raise the voice, Pierce sat down nearby and very clearly showed what will not give it in offense.

Here such we had a dog whom most of people consider the dog murderer who is not giving in to education and training. But it not so. If to love the pet, kindly to treat it, then and he will answer you with the same. Our Pierce loved us and understood, always with great desire executed commands and protected in difficult situations. But that's another story!

Continuation of history

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