• Jan 24, 2020

Earlier we already published the history of rescue of a dog from the Cyprian shelter .

Rune history, as well as great number of other homeless dogs, rather sad. A puppy she got to the Cyprian shelter and fought for survival among the same poor fellows. And conditions of keeping there, alas, not the best. In one open-air cage in barrels boxes under the scorching sun (and in the summer in Cyprus happens also higher than +40) practically without canopies there live more than one hundred dogs.

Here where the strongest really survives! Of course, it was necessary to fight for food. Quite often between animals there were fights.

But once the Rune was noticed by volunteers, several photos with the image of her nice attractive face posted in social networks. Quickly enough the dog had a potential hostess from St. Petersburg. But that day when the Rune had to arrive to the city on Neva, the girl ceased to contact. Probably, at the last minute decided not to take away "Cypriote".

Volunteers threw a call about the help again: the dog urgently needed overexposure in St. Petersburg.

And there was a real miracle! In a different way you will also not tell. The person with big kind heart — Valeria Dobrenkova responded to the announcement. She not only met a dog at the airport, bought it all necessary, but also forever left the Rune in the family in spite of the fact that before they with the husband had only cats. The rune was also the good girl. She quickly accustomed to the new house, understood how it is necessary to behave, adopted all rules and tries to follow them.

So the Fleece now not a just domestic dog, she is a female resident of the cultural capital of Russia!

All team is infinitely glad for the Rune and thanks of shelter_tails for the provided information, a photo of a dog and an animals shelter in Cyprus.

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