• Jan 24, 2020

the Boy longed and even got into others carryings, so wanted home.

B brought one of zoohotels in St. Petersburg for a month to live a cat of breed a sphinx, 5-year-old, castrated. And after the term of the contract came to an end, the hostess said that the pet is not necessary to her any more.

of a photo: sphynxhelp/instagram
A a cat manual and tender, likes to sleep on a lap, adores when it is ironed. The boy active and curious, is ready to participate in all affairs that occur around. But he very much missed the house.
Longed so that it plaintively mewed at night. "Communicated" with all visitors, looked in eyes as though asked: "You for me?". He even got into others carryings when owners came back for the pets. Behind others, but not behind it …
of a photo: sphynxhelp/instagram

the Staff of zoohotel addressed not indifferent: can, someone will take a cat on overexposure or forever? The matter is that the cat does not get on with other animals.
Probably, got used to be the only favourite and does not transfer the competition, he is very exacting to attention of the person and is jealous. Therefore it was attached in family only as the only pet. Thanks to efforts of team of the help to sphinxes, Cornysh to reksa and their metises, he found the new house. We rejoice for it and his new owners, such examples always inspire.

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