• Jan 22, 2020

Trezor was gone in June, 2017. But the owner believed: the cat will be.

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Stefan, the student of the university in Nantes, from mother recognized by phone that their cat was gone. At first the woman did not worry, thought: the cat will return. But in several days she already imagined the worst.

The cat was gone on the street. Mother and the son are more than a month, being rushed off the feet and addressing whom it is only possible, looked for the pet. "We addressed to the organizations which are engaged in care of animals, in veterinary clinics, to volunteers" — Stefan said.

But time went, and search did not yield result. And Stefan with mother gradually lost hope again to see a cat.

there Was a miracle

There passed year … Volunteers of a shelter for homeless animals published the photo of the cat found on the street in the newspaper of the neighboring town. It was Trezor! The publication got on eyes to Stefan, and the guy at once recognized the pet. Having been delighted, he right there went for a cat.


After Stefan told that Trezor at once ran out to him on a meeting. He did not forget the owner!

The cat felt well and was happy to come back home. Stefan promised mother to come home every weekend to spend with Trezor much time.

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