• Dec 5, 2019

the Building across the road was empty, now works. In the mornings I walk with Charlie's dog and I observe as the angry janitor directs a luster there. The cut lawns on the place of weeds strewed with sand and gravel of a path recovered a landscape. And only bare walls the fallen-off porches say about recent desolation and about holes in the budget of new owners yes.

Terrifying Story with a Happy End about a Cat Who Liked to Share

Even last summer there lived homeless cats, but the janitor closed up holes, and they left. Therefore it was strange to see a gray kitty who pressed close to the earth on the edge of a waste hole in the territory. I feed up homeless children, went also to this, but the animal slipped in a pipe of the stormwater drainage system and hid.

My dog, as well as I, the aelurophile — grew up among cats, considered himself one of them, was afraid of dogs and was on friendly terms only with "murka". Here also began to jump around a hole, trying to entice the stranger from under the earth. I began to say "pussycats pussycats", to swing sausage, and Charlie began a bark. In the heat of hunting we did not notice how the janitor's figure behind grew.

The man told about a cat. She was thrown in the middle of summer. With a padded paw, unfortunate, timid, she hid in a pipe and did not depart from the shelter, occasionally creeping out to drink from a pool. Noticed a cat and one of employees began to feed up, even thought up it a name — Masha. During the fall the kitty accustomed, but still did not go to hands. The janitor worried how Mashka will winter underground, frosts soon. We talked a little, but the cat did not get out.

Since then every morning we with Charlik went to a ditch and put in a bowl a piece of sausage or a small fish, calling up Mashka.

And once at the end of November bark of dogs and heart-rending miaow from a mashkiny vault reached. I rushed there and in time appeared in time: the pack of dogs surrounded a cat. The poor creature clung to a tree stump the lame paw before evil dog muzzles. With a fright I hissed as a snake, began to clap in a palm — dogs receded. Here and the janitor with a shovel ran up, banished pack from the territory and closed a gate.

Unexpectedly Mashka jumped to me on hands and seized a death grip a fur coat. Nobody expected such turn, but to deliberate was once, not to be late for work — it was necessary to take a cat home …

Now from work I was met by two — Charlik jumping from delight and the reserved, but interested cat. Persons interested to take away Mashka were not, and she remained to live with me.

The cat quickly felt safety, understood that she of Charlie main in the house, did not apply for its bowl, and waited for the portion of food. The kitty was quick-witted, accurate and talkative. It was worth looking on her how singing began. "Myr-myr-myr" in different ways accompanied me everywhere.

Every day it opened from the new party. The pussycat fell in love to watch TV, settled before it in a fighting pose and hunted for figures on the screen. She learned to get on a case under a ceiling, shook a paw a door and long looked out of the window.

Still I learned that my cat Mashka differs in improbable generosity and kindness. She dragged from everywhere and put on a sofa before me unfinished sausages, toys, my gloves and somehow even brought a slipper …

About New year there were few days, it was necessary to finish urgently the project, it was necessary to work at home. Animals got not enough attention — had no time for them. It was not pleasant to Mashka. She tried to distract me, took seat on a back of a chair and sang the "myr-myr". But I banished it — the cat prevented to think. And she found a way out: once the pussycat … "shared" with me the last piece of fish, having put it directly on the opened document on which the future of the new project depended. Whether it is necessary to say that I was "inexpressibly glad" to a gift? It was necessary to change urgently several damaged sheets.

And such situations it was enough, I even began to get used to them, did not think that I can already be surprised with something. But is not present! The case was presented.

In two days prior to New year I at last handed over the project and decided to sleep off — tomorrow it was necessary to prepare for arrival of friends. Settled a bit earlier and failed in a dream. Charlie peacefully snuffled in legs.

However at night I woke up from the fact that I on a face felt something crude, cold, sticky. Heart was driven in. From fright I began to squeal, jumped up on a bed, rejected far from myself it "something". To an alarm added hysterical bark of Charlie.

Somehow I groped the switch, switched on light, with fear looked round: around as in the horror film! Bloody spots crept away on a sheet, on a floor the torn linen bag in crimson stains with something shapeless and terribly familiar rolled. Got accustomed: yes same … a package of forcemeat from the refrigerator, fairly shabby …

Mashka! Her paws business! I left forcemeat on a table to be defrozen, and she nosed out and dragged off. Here only the representation final nearly turned back for me a heart attack.

Why I then did not faint? Still riddle!

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