• Jan 27, 2020

the Dog by nickname Blossom got vgorodsky a shelter of Los Angeles from the street in the middle of April. It was the small doggie with large ears, one of which was, as if someone it is bitten, by an ipolnost it is deprived of wool. Its naked little body was wrinkled and pink.

, the dog, a pet, is required the help, an allergy

At once there was a riddle, wool dropped out at a dog because of itch, an allergy or there can be a dog изначальнопросто she had bald and simply skin irritation?

The city shelter had no money for additional researches of a disease Blossom and the dog just sat quietly in the cage and waited when for vyydutpolozhenny days for which to it have to find owners. After this term the dog would be sent for lulling to slip.

 a dog, a dog, a pet, the pet Blossom was lucky

when on еефото in social networks came across of Gretkhenmey which already saved earlier several dogs from shelters исейчас they lived at it in the house.

"Etasobachka looked such unfortunate in the photo and in too time it was ochenmily. I at once felt how for it to fit in the days badly in the cage necessary to nobody when medical care obviously was required for it and at a neenavernyak everything scratched because of inflammations on skin".

Gretchen lives in San Diego, but she managed to agree with private humane society "Precious Pals Pet Rescue" that they brought a dog from California and transferred to it. Volunteers at once agreed to help and soon Blossom already went to the new house.

 a dog, a dog, a pet, the pet the First survey at veterinarapokazat

that at Blossom an upper respiratory tract infection, cough, numerous skin scratches, an ear infection and of course it was polnostyyulysy, the reason did not manage to be established. Blossom registered a set of tablets испустя month she was completely healthy, but still was bald and its sherstniskolechka did not grow.

Gretchen's family were sure that it is not all about a mysterious allergy, but could understand on what at a dog an allergy.

 a dog, a dog, a pet, the pet

"I believe that in the past it had a lot of wool, but we still do not know why it at it dropped out. Also are not even sure of whether it will grow at it again. We do not even know what it breeds, possibly some hybrid with a chihuahua, but it can quite be also a hybrid with nonhairy breed of dog or even with a terrier. At it on a little body here and there after all wool grows, but such places are not enough".

 dog, dog, pet, pet

The past Blossom is also still shrouded in a secret. It is unknown where she lived earlier and who threw out her on the street. But these problems do not concern her present family, the main thing for them that Blossom it is healthy now and well feels. And will grow its wool or not, this case tenth.

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