• Jan 27, 2020
the Left dog was still near to

the 6-year-old Danish mastiff of Oakley lived with the hostess in perfect harmony. The dog truly guarded their general house which is in Canada, and pleased Michele Kreyton with the mind and positive character.

But a few weeks ago the pet died.

The woman felt left, she cried days without a break, and nothing could console her. Michel — 44 years, and is already that age when sincere wounds heal very slowly …

One night she sat in the living room and suddenly saw familiar outlines behind a curtain! It seemed, Oakley vsprygnut from the street on a window sill and looks to the house. On Michele's body ran horror goosebumps, however at the same time she felt the joy that the favourite dog still nearby and protects it, as before!

 the ghost behind a curtain
"When I for the first time saw its shadow, thought that it is optical illusion — the woman tells. — But then, when he yawned and clicked a mouth, I understood - it is not so! Then I fast took several pictures because knew that nobody will believe me … "

Then Michele got up and drew aside curtains. The shadow got off and was gone, but the woman was by the window for a long time, listening to surrounding sounds …

Despite initial shock, the hostess of the house feels that she faced something surprising. She categorically denies a possibility of a mistake and claims that she feels Oakley's presence even physically.

 a mastiff
"I apprehended its arrival as the sign of the fact that it in a full order that all occurred as has to be. My lovely dog wanted to console me, he, probably, knew how I suffer and I miss him! From that day I go and I smile, he as though presented me an energy charge …" — Michel says.

Oakley is buried on the backyard of the house therefore the woman is sure that the dog from her will not get to anywhere.

"Anyway, and I will rejoice to each its new arrival!" — she claims.

It is possible to trust or not to trust Michele's words, but outlines on a curtain look very unusually. Even if it is accidental shadow play, you see, that history of the woman sounds intriguingly and mysteriously!

And which of you believes that pets can come back to those places where they were loved? Or it is more likely sad imagination of reason which cannot reconcile to loss?

 the mastiff ghost behind a curtain

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