• Jan 27, 2020
Kind of you reacted with

, having seen in the morning on a porch of the house … flowers? Agree, very pleasant surprise!

This koteyka call Willow, and it gives every day to the neighbors svezhesorvanny florets!

, the cat, the pet, a pet, petals, roses, is required the help
In the house where the cat was moved to carry "presents", there lives a woman Rosi. Every morning she watches the fluffy guest who drags small pink buds in teeth.
, a cat, the pet, house животное,розы,бутоны,лепестки,подарок,газон says Rosi's

that on their street there are a lot of terrace houses behind which there are gardens.

Willow daily bypasses about six gardens. Locals heartily welcome the beauty at themselves in the yard and even treat tasty.

 a cat, a cat, a pet, the pet, roses, bouquets, a gift
Well as can banish such beauty from the yard? Correctly, in any way!
, a cat, the pet, a pet, roses, a bouquet, buds, a gift, a lawn Everything began

when Rosi only moved to this house. Once she saw how neighbour's Murlyka insolently came into the room and umostitsya to sleep in a corridor as if and it is necessary.

By the way, the woman tried to close an entrance door, but it did not help — the cat came on a visit and began to mew loudly until do not open for her.

By the way, the similar situation occurred also in the neighboring houses. Willow did not deprive of the attention and other neighbors. People even put at doors a cardboard box that the kitty could take a nap and also a forage and water that the animal could always have a bite.

, cat, pet. a pet, a box But once the friendly alumna very much surprised with
Rosi, having brought it the whole bouquet!
, cat, pet, pet, roses, bud, petals
 a cat, a cat, a pet, roses, petals, buds
the Woman could even shoot video how the kitty shows it an affection …

every day of flowers became more and more, and Rosi's porch simply rolled in buds and petals which, by the way, Murlyka broke in the house of the owners, and then bore to neighbors.

The woman is touched by an act of a cat and considers that the animal sincerely loves it!)

It seems to
that Willow considers all people good. Or even thinks that all of them are its owners. Therefore it often comes to others houses just to roll about on a sofa …

However, to us it is unknown how the real owners of a kitty treat all this!

Here you what was made, having learned that your favourite does similar?

Source: ​ Mur.tv ​​​

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