• Sep 11, 2019

our family the most usual. But we have an unusual cat. Not all cats are capable to support the owners in a difficult financial situation, and our smog and even helped money.

As the Cat the Jack Supported Us Financially in Hard Times

My husband Yura is a businessman. Could open small grocery store. Affairs went not bad. In a year I ended courses of the accountant and began to help the husband. We work together.

Our daughter Varya is 5 years old. For birthday we presented to her a kitten. The daughter called it the Jack. The kid was clever: went to a tray, did not play pranks. Varechka very much fell in love with it. I did not remain indifferent to it too. Happens I will come after work tired, and the cat as though feels everything and understands. Does not bother, under legs does not rush, and waits so far I will call him. Then will lay down on knees and purrs, and I calm down.

All members of household indulged the Jack. Bought to it expensive forage and yum-yum different. The bowl never remained full. The jack ate everything.

In 2014 my husband took the credit for purchase of refrigerators for shop, and here burst crisis. It affected also business. It was necessary to tie up belts more tightly.

Saved on everything to repay a debt. Even borrowed friends. All the same there was not enough money. The last resort was to carry the gold in a pawnshop. On this money some time also ate. Put all family into a diet.

And it affected a cat's share too. Expensive elite forage was succeeded by whiskas cheaper. When also these harch of steel it were too expensive in a bowl pasta with gravy from our table. Not to leave an animal hungry.

The jack did not want to accept changes in any way. Refused food, defiantly turned back a muzzle from a bowl with food and removed a paw.

We began to worry about its state. The daughter very much worried about the favourite, could not find any peace. And here, once again trying to feed him, the father began to explain to the Jack:

"Well, you understand, a cat! Hard times came. There is no money for a normal forage. You see, we do not live like a lord too. You suffer! In a week everything will change, and will be at you yum-yum. And now do not sniff, and give you eat."

Instead of beginning to eat, the cat at a trot rushed to a corner to the lodge, got into it, was twisted and left with something in teeth. Then jumped on knees to our father and put to him the crumpled 500-ruble note. Several minutes we transferred a view from a cat of the note, then on a cat again.

From where money – we approximately guess, did not notice how dropped out of a pocket, and a koteyka ours counted a piece of paper for a toy. But here is how the Jack understood that we lack such "candy wrappers" – still big question.

Varya came round with the first. She seized the fluffy friend and began to be turned. I shed a few tears. And Yura just was shocked. We did not leave money, and all together decided to organize a celebration. The shop at first bought a favourite forage to the Jack, and then already all for a festive dinner.

In a week as Yura also promised a cat, monetary situation improved. And in a month our shop began to bring income again. Here so the cat the Jack supported us in a difficult financial situation. Our friends and acquaintances, when they have problems with money ask to lend to them a miracle cat. But we will give the clever Jack to nobody.

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