• Aug 29, 2019

In one of the well-known photos the rock musician Victor Tsoi is represented in the company of a dog. What the dog and as she is connected with the legendary musician is?

 Vitor Tsoi and dog Billey's skotchteryer of a photo

On a photo: Victor Tsoi and dog. Photo: google.by

On the photo made in 1985, Victor Tsoi holds a small korotkolapy black dog on a lead. This is a Scottish Terrier (the Scottish terrier) – breed, quite rare in those days. Called a dog Bill, and it belonged to Victor spouse – to Maryana Tsoi.

It is necessary to tell, the Scottish terriers, as well as the majority of terriers – the dogs allocated with a peculiar character: capricious, independent and quite stubborn. And Bill was not an exception. He recognized only the favourite hostess, both the popularity and Victor Tsoi's talent did not make on it the slightest impression. The musician had to try fairly to gain Bill's trust. But it did not save it from stings.

For example, in 1982 when Victor and Maryana were going to Moscow on "home concerts", Bill became nervous, probably, having been frightened that it is left forever, and bit through to the musician a hand. In the train the hand inflamed and awfully hurt. Nevertheless, Tsoi found forces and courageously won back concerts.

However, despite difficult character of the pet, Victor Tsoi loved a dog, fed her and walked. The proof – that well-known photo.

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